Thursday, May 2, 2013


OMG!  I went to pull out tops to box up and send to the quilter and I found more tops that I did not document yet.  Oh dear that brings the total closer to 60.

First is  Lightning Quick, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery that I sent to the quilter along with OFF KUiLTeR.

I have a lovely pale pink for the backing and will dig through my stash to see if I have any of the purple or dark pink left to use as a binding.

Shirley found a great pink to quilt it with.

I also have this beautiful blue California Confusion which is another Debbie Caffrey Mystery. I think I like it the blue better than the brown and red, but I like them both.

Lastly I have Q is for Quilter, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery.  I need to finish the last two borders on it and decide if I want to add an outer border in blue. I have the fabric folded up with the quilt, so will make that decision based on how much I have for the backing which is also with the top.  The backing may determine if I add a second border or not. 
I believe these are all of my tops that are not already quilted or in the process of being hand or machine quilted. I think everything else is a work in progress (WIP) or a PhD, project half done.


  1. Wow - you're good! I still have way too many ufos. Like your tops!

    1. I still have a pile of pieces to put together. I am afraid to look to see how many UFQs are hiding in the closet. I know of at least three off the top of my head, and I am sure there are more.

  2. Wanda, you have so many beautiful tops ready for quilting. I really do not know how you made so many awesome mystery quilts. I just never know how to pick fabrics when I don't know what I am doing.

  3. Debbie Caffrey makes it very simple with a light, dark, medium, and in some a light and/or dark medium. I always asked for help at the LQS, if I was not sure. Plus I have never made a Debbie mystery that I did not like. She is an awesome teacher. If you ever get a chance to take a class with her, go for it. Really miss her living in Anchorage. She left several years ago and moved to Arizona.