Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Second Ruffled Purse from Beginning to End

I cut out the 64 squares of fabric after deciding on what fabric to use for the purse for my niece.

I traced 32 ruffles and sewed the outside edge of all 32 with very tiny, 1.5 stitch length.  I started cutting out the ruffles, so I can flip, press, and top stitch.

I finished cutting out the ruffles, flipping them and pressing them.

 I  top stitched all the ruffles so they are now ready to pin once I get the background strips cutout. I really hope my niece likes this purse.  I am loving it and all I have done at this point are the ruffles.

I have slowly been pinning and stitching ruffles to the strips that form the outside body of the purse. I love the look of the ruffles on the  green background, which I had to change to when I realized that I miss cut the blue because no one had any of the blue in town.  I like the green background also, so no big deal and will use the blue for pockets on the inside. I do not waste fabric.

 I added the inside with pockets and then attached the tube for the cording.  The fabric shown in two different views as it was part of the print.
I braided the cording because I could not find cording that was the right size or color. Being a quilter I made my own.

Here is a view of the purse out in the sunshine, though the colors are not clear.

This is a view that shows the colors better and you can see how well the colors in the cording match the colors in the purse.

Still need to get this in the mail, but am really hoping that my niece likes her gift.

I has fun making this purse and am thinking that I may make another one or two.  I am wondering if I could do more ruffles to make the bag deeper. It would be great for carrying shoes in this winter, or even as a lunch bag.