Thursday, April 25, 2013

More UFQs that need to be Finished

When pulling out all my tops to document them I discovered a few more UFQs that I need to finish.  I know that I still have a few UFQs to take pictures of but am not going to dig them out tonight.  I will wait until I am ready to work on them.

This is the background for a table runner or wall hanging.  I need to find the leaves and applique them on. I have them all made, just not sure where I stashed them, and that is the question.
Yin Yang.  My friends Jan and Sally took this class with me and all of ours look very different. I think Sally is the only one of us to get theirs quilted.  I am debating making it into a larger quilt. I have the fabric. I may do several of the center yin yang blocks and do the small log cabins as a border for the whole quilt and keep this as a small wall hanging to go with it. Either way I need to quilt this so it is no longer a UFQ.
This is a fun winter quilt made form four patches and rectangles.  I am debating adding a border using a textured blue or red fabric.  I do not have any of the fabrics that I used in the quilt so will have to see what I can find to match or coordinate.
Wild Berry Vines, a BOM from too many years ago to count. I need to finish making a few of the flowers that go in the border, and then stitch down all the border vines, berries and flowers. Sorry the picture is blurry, I tried several shots.
This is a round robin that I did many years ago.  I have the backing fabric, but am debating it I want to add one more border.  What do you think, should I add one more border?
Here is a close up of my center that I sent out.
Barbara's Antique, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery. I have the rows together and hopefully they are all there, so I can finish putting this top together. I am thinking I will see if I have one of the fabrics that is not on an edge to use as a border. I hope I still have one in my stash.
This is a baby quilt I started years ago that was lost in a box of counted x-stitch.  I think I will see if I can find a fabric that matches the two blues, the two browns, a white, and maybe a pink and yellow to make some four patches or pinwheels to use around the x-stitch for a baby quilt.
Solstice Sizzler a paper pieced star pattern, I have one block done and all the pieces for the other three blocks either sewn or in need of the blue fabric. The quilt has paper pieced borders also, but I an not sure if I will do them or just add plain borders. I will decide once I get the four blocks sewn together.

Black Tie Mystery.  I am doing a modified version of this quilt as my husband did not like part of the pattern, but loved this section. I have made three of these sections and need to make at least one more depending on how I want the quilt to lay on our bed.  If I do it vertically or the length of the bed I need four, but if I go horizontal or across the bed I need five.  I need to complete one more section and put in the sashing and lay it out on the bed to see which way I want the quilt to lay on the bed.


  1. Wowzer! More great stuff. I like that section of black tie mystery. The Debby Caffrey mystery is great too. Love all those colors. Oh...the yin and yang, yup love that one too. Maybe you should stop looking for a while.;)

    1. Beth I love your observations, but I think I am done looking for awhile. :) There are still a few more to share that are scheduled to post over the next two weeks. Then I will share some that are done from earlier in my quilting life.
      I am ready to sew the last three solstice sizzler blocks together, then can decide on the border.

  2. love all of them! that yin yang is so eye-catching!! and the black tie is very striking with the little pops of yellow here & there.

    The round robin looks done enough to me, no extra border needed. Your center on that is beautiful!! You seem to have quite a talent for applique!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I am thinking that I am done with the round robin. It may be the next one to be hand quilted, though I think I will send it off to be basted on a long arm.

      I may do the yin yang as large quilt for my bed as I have the fabric set aside, but first I need to finish some more UFQs.

  3. Your ying-yang log cabin is gorgeous and so is that Wild Berry Vines BOM. I like all of them. I see why you call them IFQs - so many are so close to done.

    1. Thank you. I am looking for the fabric I need to finish the last of hte applique on Wild Berry Vines as I would like to get the applique done. It is one of the ones I am thinking of hand quilting.