Thursday, April 18, 2013


These five tops need the borders finished for various reasons.  In one case I misplaced the border fabric, so could not finish the second two borders.  I found the fabric and it is now with the quilt ready to be cut and attached.
Day Dreamer, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery. This quilt needs the last two borders added. The star points and outer borders are a light purple, not blue.  Not sure why the coloring is off in the photo.
I believe this was a Judy Niemeyer mystery.  I took this class after being gifted it because one of my student's parents was injured in a rotary cutter accident.  I am a huge Debbie Caffrey fan and the ladies in this class kept dissing her. She did not teach at that store, and some of those women were very catty in their comments. I was not happy and think some of anger over their comments is directed at this quilt top, so I never finished it.  Now I am debating whether to add a border or not. I am thinking an narrow inner red border and an outer border of a Christmas print. What do you think? I plan to gift this quilt since I do not really like it due to the bad memories from the class.
Flip Flops of Summer is what I am calling this because the word "thongs" has a new meaning theses days, though when I was growing up that is what we called them.  I am debating whether to add another border using the fabric below. I will remove all the ribbons before quilting and then sew them on. At the moment they are pinned so I can use this picture to help me after quilting.  It tool me a long time to pick the ribbons for each set of flip flops.
What do you think of this as a border on my flip flop quilt? I was thinking about 4" all around.
These are left over blocks from a quilt I made my dad. I need to add a border. I am thinking a gold or green inner border to go with the gold or the green in the lighter colored blocks. I am hoping to make it a small lap size. I think I have some of the light fabric for an outer border.
Twenties Treasure, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery done with Doreen Speckmann fabrics.  I need to add the last two borders, which are already pieced.  I made a mistake in this quilt but was consistent in every block.  I did so well that when we laid the quilt out at class, even Debbie did not notice that I put one set of points facing the wrong way on every single block.  I already had the rows sewn together when I noticed it. Debbie told me that I had made it my own.  I gave it my own unique twist. I may add one more border if I have enough of the blue fabric.


  1. I think the last quilt is perfect, I wouldn't add any more to it.
    I would add a border to the Christmas one, sorry it has bad karma cause it is a great quilt.
    Not much left to do on these, then more in topsville. :)

    1. Beth Thank you for the suggestions. I am hoping that the Christmas quilt will make a nice gift for someone, maybe one of my sons or a friend. I agree it is nice, just not good memories associated with it. I thought maybe after all this time I would forgive it or forget, but when I pulled it out I still was upset about the catty ladies and their uncalled for comments.