Saturday, April 13, 2013


I have quite a few tops in topsville that need to be quilted. Some are small ones that I plan to back with fleece and quilt myself. Here are the first fifteen.  I plan to quilt these ones myself.

Top:  Stack and Whack
Bottom: March Winds a Debbie Caffrey Mystery

California Confusion, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery

Pajama Party, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery

Run For The Border, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery
Northern Nights, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery

Undercover in Chicago, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery

On the Road Again, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery
 I have not decided on the backing for this one, or if I will quilt it myself or not.

Marti Michelle's Mystery of the Substitute Teacher
Then there are the small wall hangings that I will quilt myself.
There's No Such Thing as Too Much Fabric Wall Hanging
Shamrock Wall Hanging
Lady Bug Wall Hanging
Heart's and House's Swap Wall Hanging

This is one block from a mystery quilt that I did never completed. I did this one block to use as a wall hanging.  Diana Bradley designed the quilt and taught the class.

I am thinking of hand quilting this one:

Oak Leaf Applique Quilt


  1. you are brave posting them all girl!!! But way to go!!

    1. Shirley by putting them out there I am making myself accountable. This way I have to get them done. Doing the same with the bindings and am done with one and working on the second one.

  2. OMG! Wanda what awesome quilts. I love the first one (stack and wack). The twister wall hanging is really cute too. So many pretty tops. You and I should get together and have a quilting marathon. ;)

    1. Beth too bad we live so far apart that would be a wonderful idea if we livd closer.

      I am thinking that the first one may be a gift, just not sure who I will give it to yet.

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog while searching for the name of the blocks in the California Confusion quilt. I took one I made to an appraiser at our local quilt show and she wanted to know the names of the two blocks that make up the quilt. I thought I had kept the pattern, but apparently I didn't. Do you know the names of those blocks? The star looks like milky way but I don't know the other.