Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quilts I Made in in the late 90's early 2000's

These pictures are not the best quality as I copied them from our old website. I do not know where the originals are at the present time, but if and when I find the original pictures I will update them.

The first three wall hanging are ones that I made for Joel to take to Germany when he went to visit our exchange students during his Junior year in high school.

I made this wall hanging for our exchange student Mattias' and his family. They live in Pforzheim, Germany, where several years later we discovered we have family.The pattern was in a quilting magazine, but at the moment I cannot find the magazine to note the title an issue.

I made this one for our first exchange student Jens and his family.
I made this one for our exchange student Axel and his family.

Joel said all the families loved the wall hangings.

This baby quilt was made for Benita who worked with Tom at the Anchorage Daily News.  She was doing her nursery using a farm animal theme.

This quilt is one I made for my youngest sister-in-law, Amy and her husband Joe, when they was married, though they did not receive it until their first anniversary due to an accident that resulted in my breaking my right wrist. There are 40 paper pieced birds in this quilt.  The pattern was originally found in a Carol Doak's book and was a baby quilt that I enlarged.  It was also my first experience paper piecing.
I also made this quilt for a friend's daughter when she graduated. Erica was our babysitter for several years.

The three little pigs is a piece I did as part of group quilt that was donated to the Loussac Library here in Anchorage. At the time Tom worked for the Anchorage Daily News and they were doing the quilt to hang in the children's section of the library.
I need to find the pattern and some fabric that would work as I would love to do this one again. I had this one on my school webpage for several years.


  1. 40 birds, oh Wanda I would still be working on them. I love the baby quilt and the three pigs. So cute.

    1. :) It took me a long time to PP them one handed. I do not a lot of PP, as it is not my favorite type of quilting but it does make for beautiful quilts.