Sunday, June 26, 2022

2022 Update of Progress

 I have been subbing since school started back up in January and have not accomplished much this year.  I did complete a couple of tops for donation and a baby quilt. 

I am hoping that now that school is out and my long-term sub job is done I can get some more sewing done this summer while working on the house and doing some remodeling.  I am also still working on putting my sewing room back together and washing every piece of fabric I own before putting it back in my sewing room unless it is a precut. There is a lot of fabric and I still have a lot to wash and fold. I did not realize how much fabric I have until I packed it all up.

I moved pretty much all of my precuts and kits up to my sewing room and have them organized for the most part, there may be a few more hiding downstairs in a bo I have not unearthed yet. I still have to figure out where I am going to put the rest of the fabric and my batting.

I am also going through all my UFOs and trying to decide if they are worth finishing or if I want to repurpose them into smaller quilts. I may do that with some and there are a couple that I simply need to bind or attach the borders so I can finish the top.  I have one I need to piece the backing for and it will be ready to send to the quilter.  I have others I think I will just let go to someone else.

I did finish getting the bindings made for two king-size quilts  and trimmed them last week. I have the binding attached to the front of both and ready for me to hand stitch down in the evenings when I complete the one I am working on as a gift for a friend.

I also started attaching the borders to one quilt that I am doing multiple borders on, it will have two one-inch black borders, two 2 1/2" borders on either side of the Seminole border that I have already pieced, followed by the outer border.

I have also been busy working on attaching interfacing to the backs of the tops my niece selected for the memory quilt of her mother that I am making for her. I have all of the pieces ready to cut and piece.  

I also interfaced the shirts I have set aside for a memory quilt of my mother. It was the first time that I have pulled out the shirts and not cried, in six years.

I have also been busy helping my husband go through everything in one bedroom in preparation to pack up the room so he can start painting, stripping the ceiling, and pulling the carpet to put in new vinyl flooring. We have purged a ton of trash, recycle/burn, and donated about six bags of stuff. He is now packing things up and moving them so he can start the next stage.

Hand Applique:
I still have ten projects in this category and they range from small wall hangings to a large quilt. One I take with me when I travel and am making slow progress on it. Another I need to cut out more pieces to complete the border, a third one has all the blocks pieced but needs the leaves appliqued on to each block. I am slowly making progress on these, but I cannot do handwork for an extended time due to issues with my hands.

1) Mouse Pads
2) Cherries
3) Wild Berry Vines
4) Batik Leaves
5) Apple Quilt Leaves
6) Tulips
7) Hawaiian
8) Pumpkin
9) Morning Glories
10) Chicken

I have five projects in this category including a beaded tree wall hanging. Two of them will someday be large quilts.  Again I cannot do as much as I use to so they are what I consider to be long-term projects and I just hope to move them forward and finish a block or two this year.

1) Red Winter Wonderland
2) 2012 Aurifil BOM
3) Snowmen on Blue
4) Birds
5) Beaded Tree
6) Under a Quilt
7) Hufflepuff
8) Starry Night
9) Harry Potter

I have one quilt that I need to finish the embellishments on and finish the binding to be done.  Again this is all handwork so it is slow going.

1) Flip Flops

Block of the Month:
I have a couple BOMs that are in progress.
2) QC BOM - Ribbon Candy
3) Celestial Stars (not started)
4) Fancy Forrest (all blocks done)

Hand Piecing:
This category has a friendship star quilt I started years ago when I was teaching my students to hand piece a block as part of a math project. They each made a small wall hanging and hand quilted them.  I also have a couple of Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts in this category that are done in different ways and an English paper pieced star quilt as well as a few blocks for my No Cats On My Quilt Sampler.

1) No Cats on My Quilt - a) Hexagons, b) Tumbling Blocks, c) spools
2) Friendship Star
3) Grandmother's Flower Garden - a) stamped, b) English Paper Piecing
4) English Paper Pieced Stars

Paper Piecing:
This category has 5 projects, one block for my No Cats On My Quilt, a Mariner's Compass quilt that I need to finish one more block, and then decided if I want to make more. I also have my Tottenville Toads and Iced Saw Blades that I have just one or two blocks done on and need many more, as well as my curved Flying Geese quilt that needs several more blocks made.

Tottenville Toads
1) No Cats on My Quilt - a) Trees
2) Mariner's Compass - I have four blocks completed and need to decide if I am done or want to make a few more blocks to make the quilt lager.
3) Tottenville Toads
4) Iced Saw Blades
5) Curved Flying Geese
6) Wicked Wahini

Machine Piecing:
This is a big category. I have 21 projects I have started in this one. Several have all the blocks done and simply need me to put them into rows and complete the top, while others have one block done or have the rows pieced so they are all in various stages. One or two also fall into the Hand Applique or Paper piecing category, like the apple quilt and the No Cats On My Quilt, so they are counted twice.

1)Voices of the Past - all blocks completed and layout designed
2) Purple Saturday Sampler - blocks done, border/sashing fabric bought
Voices of the Past
3) Yin Yang - one block done, plan to continue making blocks
4) Valdez Mystery - one block done, all blocks cut out - top done, needs to be quilted.
Valdez Mystery

Flower Power

5) Flower Power - in progress
6) Wandering Star - one large block is done, sections of small blocks partially done
Black Tie Mystery
7) Black Tie Mystery - three sections done
8) Apple Quilt - all blocks are done, needs applique done
9) QMU 2020 Samplet
10) Alaska OBW
11) Black and Cream Quilt - some blocks completed
12) Mom's sweatshirt Memory Quilt for me - sweatshirts are interfaced
13) Hockey Quilt - in pieces
14) Two-Step Jelly Roll Challenge - 81 blocks  four baby quilt tops done.
15) Screwed up Fall Swap Blocks - 16 blocks done
16) Floral OBW
17) Farm House Chic 3 yd
18) Simplicity 3yd
19) Breakfast Club
20) Star Swap
21) Royal Ensemble
22) Gypsy Wife (blocks done)
23) Memory Quilt - for Danielle

Needs Borders:
I have 5 quilts that are in need of borders at the moment. One I have done the Seminole border strips and need to double check the length before attaching

1) Tiffany - borders pieced
2) Flower Basket - needs borders
3) Bryce's Bunny - needs last border (center pieced by my youngest son years ago)
4) Wonky Two-Step 1
5) Bermuda Sunrise (Need to order hand-dye fabric)

Other Projects:
I have 13 projects in this category ranging from a Professional Tote to an elf, to pot holders and table runners and pillowcases. I have a box of pillowcases cut out that I pull out and make randomly to donate.

1) Professional Tote - cut out, quilted, and partially pieced
2) Sew Together Bag I - cut out
3) Sew Together Bag II - cut out
4) Butterfly Purse - hand quilted
5) Space Purse
6) Alaska Tote
7) Log Cabin Tote - 1" strips cut
8) Elf - partially put together
9) Amish Doll Dress - Need to find this one as the doll is made.
10) Pot Holders - I have a bunch cut out that I pull and make randomly for gifts or donation
11) Floral Braid Runner
12) Orphan Blocks - a) stars, b) red and cream pinwheels - not sure yet what I am doing with them.
13) Friendship Star Table Runner - needs backing and quilting
14) Lake Tote

I have 5 tops awaiting quilting, that I need to find or piece backs for.

1) Good Night Sweetheart - need to piece backing
2) Bonus Table Runner form my July Mystery - needs borders and quilting
3) Two-Step 1
4) Two-Step 2
5) Wonky Two-Step 2
6) Pinwheel Stars table runner
7) Cookies's Star
8) Valdez Mystery
9) Emergency Vehicles baby quilt
10) Race Car baby quilt
11) Peach Log Cabin Quilt

Hand Quilting:
I have two tops in this category and pull the smaller one out as a take along project.

1) Snow Boarder - partially done
2) Slice and Dice - partially done
3) Skier

Needs Binding and Labels:
1) Winter Solstice
2) Burgundy and Gold Squared Stars
3) Peach and Blue 3yd quilt
4) TQR Mystery 1
5) Blue and Beige Squared Stars
6) QC Mystery
7) Batik

2022 FInishes:
1) Salsa Hot Pad Runner
2) Six Salsa Hexie Placemats
3) Six Salsa Hexie Potholders
4) Two face masks

Monday, May 23, 2022

2021 Projects

 My goal this year is to finish several small projects and to move several UFOs forward.

So far this year I have finished

Two Pot Holders

Three 5-Minute Runners

Two Lemon Hexie placemats
A Kitchen Scarf

A Hot Pad Runner
Four Hexie Hot Pads

I also finished putting together the Fall Quilted Cow Mystery to which I need to add borders. 

I started and finished my Winter Solstice quilt.

I plan to make Hexie placemats to match the hot pad runner  and another hot pad runner to go with them.  If I can get more of the fabric I want to make Hexie pot holders to match.  I am also working on a Jenny Kingwell’s BoHo Heart quilt and looking at fabrics to possibly start a Spiral Lonestar by Jan Krentz.  My other goals for this year include moving several of my UFOs forward. I have a couple quilts I am looking for backings so I can send them toe my favorite quilter.
I am enjoying spending more time with my quilting and have been working on designing quilt patterns also.
Happy Quilting!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

2020 Projects Completed

2020 was a year! Everyone has their own thoughts on how things have been and every state was impacted differently depending on their governors, some good, some bad. It was a year in more ways than one. On the positive side, I have accomplished loads of quilty, sewing, knitting, and crocheting projects. I also finally caught up on my binding which I was way behind on for a multitude of reasons.

January started off slow. I only completed 4 snack mats, but I made progress on other projects while subbing for a friend full days and half days until she was fully back on her feet. I also designed a block for a sampler quilt that I am doing with friends. 


 February was a much better month for finishing things even though I was still subbing only this month I was doing the English Language Learners testing. I completed 3 - 5-minute runners, 1- 10-minute runner, a couple of counted-cross stitch UFOS, and hand-stitching the binding on my Triangle quilt. I also started a mystery quilt and a temperature quilt, which is a long term project, and cut out a couple of 3-yard quilts.


 I finished binding the Pajama Party Quilt and finished quilting and binding Bryce's Brew's wall hanging.


 I made 116 masks, finished quilting and piecing my minke snuggle quilt, and one kid snack mat.


 I finished hand-stitching the binding on my 8 pointed star quilt, On the Road Again (dolphins) quilt, Blue Debbie Caffery Mystery quilt, Buggy Barn Stars quilt, my Fall Tree Mystery quilt, and my Lady Bug quilt. I was busy binding this month and for several more months. 


 I finished binding my Crazy Hearts Quilt and made a new corn bag for me as my old one had several leaks and was dropping corn around the house. I also made a totebag as a gift for Christmas via zoom class. It was fun to make and I plan to make another in the future.


 I finished binding my red Saturday Sampler, which is king-size.  I also bound my braid quilt, my granny square quilt made 15 more masks, and finished binding my king size Log Cabin quilt which I had custom quilted by Shirley Jackson of Murray, Kentucky. I included a picture of the back so you can see the absolutely gorgeous quilting she did.


 I was busy in August I made a sunflower mug rug, a cow tote bag, a salt and pepper tote bag, a hot cocoa 5-minute table runner, and  felted a blue wool knitted bag. I was on a binding roll. I hand-stitched the binding on my Water's of Kauai, which I call Alaskan Ice quilt; Bryce's Lizard Quilt; my red, white, and blue stars swap quilt; my second baby quilt made for an ugly fabric challenge, and my second Shopping's Done wall hanging.  I also made 67 masks. 



 I made more masks and did the hand-stitching of the binding on several quilts. Daisy Days, which is hand appliqued took me several years just to finish the applique as I am very slow. Bali Jewels was a class I took via zoom this summer and was a gift for a friend who moved to Washington. Other quilts I finished binding this month include Something Fishy, Undercover in Chicago, a winter fabric quilt, The Quilting Room Mystery 1, March Winds, and my orphan block nine patches on point. 


 I was really on a binding roll in October.  I hand-stitched the binding on my single granny square quilt, California Confusion, Pick Up Sticks, my QuiltMashUp Christmas swap quilt, the pink Saturday Sampler quilt, Cut to the Chase, Argyle Beauty 2, Northern Nights, and the Stack and Whack, labeled Covid-19 as it made me think of the pictures of the covid germs, which I donated to the Arctic Valley Ski Club auction. I also made two rag flannel quilts that my husband did the snipping of the seams on, a Monopoly tote bag, a Christmas gift bag, two black masks for my son for when he has to wear his uniform for AANG, and finished stitching my Live Simply, Love Truly, Laugh Freely counted x-stitch.  


 I have been busy working on several knitting UFOs that I came across when going through some yarn. I finished a pink knit hat, a brown and rust knit hat, a purple and gray knit hat, and a reddish wool knit hat. I am donating the soft ones to chemo patients and the others to a shelter. I also made a Christmas snack mat. I attached binding to two quilts that I plan to do the hand-stitching on in December. I was also busy piecing blocks for a mystery that I will finish putting the rows together on in 2021.


I finished crocheting several other hats this month as well. December I finished hand-stitching down the binding on the Mystery that I started in February from the Quilted Cow. I also finished the latest Quilted Cow mystery blocks and made crocheted several more hats to donate. I finished the binding on the Mickey Mouse quilt, and two Dream Big wall hangings and pieced a small quilt that I need to quilt and bind. I also made a snack mat for a gift, and several bowl cozies for gifts as well. Lastly I put the finishing touches on the totebag I made as gift in June. My husband teaches jewelry at one of our local high schools and he made me etched brass sand dollars to add to the bag.

I worked on piecing several projects this year that will be moved forward in 2021 and finished a few tops that will be quilted in 2021 also. I am looking forward to spending more time quilting, sewing, quilting, knitting and crocheting, as well as doing other crafts and art journaling in 2021, now that I am all caught up on my binding. I am also hoping to post more frequently in 2021.