Sunday, January 13, 2019

Honesty about my UFOs!

 I have decided it is time to be totally honest regarding my UFOs this year. I have made it my goal to work on them and try to move them forward and complete them this year.  At the moment I have two memory quilts I am working on that are not UFOs, one I am currently piecing and one I am working on cutting out. I do have one or two new things I plan to start including the Gypsy Wife quilt, but I really plan to spend the majority of my time focusing on completing my UFOs.

To be totally honest listing them here on the blog is taking a big step toward making progress because I believe if I share with others it will help to motivate me to make more progress on completing them. I have them listed in a composition book by categories. I chose my categories several years ago and every year or two I start a new quilt journal, listing my projects that are not completed and adding in new ones as I start them. I divide them into categories.

Hand Applique:
I have ten projects in this category and they range from small wall hangings to a large quilt. One I take with me when I travel and am making slow progress on it. Another I need to cut out more pieces to complete the border, a third one has all the blocks pieced but needs the leaves appliqued on to each block. I am slowly making progress on these, but I cannot do handwork for an extended time due to issues with my hands.

1) Mouse Pads
2) Cherries
3) Wild Berry Vines
4) Batik Leaves
5) Apple Quilt Leaves
6) Tulips
7) Hawaiian
8) Pumpkin
9) Morning Glories
10) Chicken

I have five projects in this category including a beaded tree wall hanging. Two of them will someday be large quilts.  Again I cannot do as much as I use to so they are what I consider to be long term projects and I just hope to move them forward and finish a block or two this year.

1) Red Winter Wonderland
2) 2012 Aurifil BOM
3) Snowmen on Blue
4) Birds
5) Beaded Tree

I have one quilt that I need to finish the embellishments on and finish the binding to be done.  Again this is all hand work so it is slow going.

1) Flip Flops

Block of the Month:
I am working on Fancy Forest and have to finish the owls and the hedgehogs. I have the thistles cut out and plan to add bears to the mix, which are also cut out. I pull this one out randomly to finish a block and would like to complete all the blocks this year so I can decide if I want to make it into one large quilt or several smaller quilts.

1) Fancy Forest - a) Owls, b) Hedgehogs, c) Thistles d) bears

Hand Piecing:
This category has a friendship star quilt I started years ago when I was teaching my students to hand piece a block as part of a math project. They each made a small wall hanging and hand quilted them.  I also have a couple of Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts in this category that are done in different ways and an English paper pieced star quilt as well as a few blocks for my No Cats On My Quilt Sampler.

1) No Cats on My Quilt - a) Hexagons, b) Tumbling Blocks, c) spools
2) Friendship Star
3) Grandmother's Flower Garden - a) stamped, b) English Paper Piecing
4) English Paper Pieced Stars

Paper Piecing:
This category has 5 projects, one block for my No Cats On My Quilt, a Mariner's Compass quilt that I need to finish one more block and then decided if I want to make more. I also have my Tottenville Toads and Iced Saw Blades that I have just one or two blocks done on and need many more, as well as my curved Flying Geese quilt that needs several more blocks made.

Tottenville Toads
1) No Cats on My Quilt - a) Trees
2) Mariner's Compass
3) Tottenville Toads
4) Iced Saw Blades
5) Curved Flying Geese

Machine Piecing:
This is a big category. I have 21 projects I have started in this one. Several have all the blocks done and simply need me to put them into rows and complete the top, while others have one block done or have the rows pieced so they are all in various stages. One or two also fall into the Hand Applique or Paper piecing category, like the apple quilt and the No Cats On My Quilt, so they are counted twice.

1)Voices of the Past - all blocks completed and layout designed
2) Purple Saturday Sampler - blocks done
Voices of the Past
3) Yin Yang - one block done
4) Valdez Mystery - one block done, all blocks cut out
Valdez Mystery

Flower Power

5) Flower Power - in progress
6) Argyle Beauty II - 6 rows pieced, need to pick the border
7) Wandering Star - one large block done, sections of small blocks partially done
Black Tie Mystery
8) Black Tie Mystery - three sections done
9) Snowflake Rag Flannel - needs three more blocks cut and quilted.
10) Apple Quilt - all blocks done, needs applique
11) Bryce's Bunny - needs last border (center pieced by my youngest son years ago)
12) Pin Wheel Stars - needs a few more blocks bordered
13) Memory Quilt for Theresa - in progress, blocks all partially pieced
14) Memory Quilt for Sonseeah - blocks partially cut out
15) Black and Cream Quilt - some blocks completed
16) Mom's sweatshirt Memory Quilt for me - sweatshirts are cut apart
17) Hockey Quilt - in pieces
18) Nine Patches on Point, blocks done
19) Lover's Knot Table Topper II - center complete, strips cut
20) Two-Step Jelly Roll Challenge - 81 blocks complete
21) Screwed up Fall Swap Blocks - 16 blocks done
22) Ugly Fabric Challenge - 2 blocks complete, 2 blcos partially complete (due January 31)
23) Fall Swap - 14 blocks received, need to make one of my blocks and set on point.

Needs Borders:
I have 5 quilts that are in need of borders at the moment. One I have done the Seminole border strips and need to double check the length before attaching

1) Tiffany - borders pieced
2) Single Granny Square - need to piece borders
3) Red, White, and Black Buggy Barn Hearts - borders cut
4) Flower Basket - needs borders cut

Other Projects:
I have 13 projects in this category ranging from a Professional Tote to an elf, to pot holders and table runners and pillowcases. I have a box of pillowcases cut out that I pull out and make randomly to donate.

1) Professional Tote - cut out, quilted, and partially pieced
2) Sew Together Bag I - cut out
3) Sew Together Bag II - cut out
4) Butterfly Purse - hand quilted
5) Space Purse
6) Alaska Tote
7) Log Cabin Tote - 1" strips cut
8) Elf - partially put together
9) Amish Doll Dress - Need to find this one as the doll is made.
10) Pot Holders - I have a bunch cut out that I pull and make randomly for gifts or donation
11) Mystery Table Runner -
12) Orphan Blocks - a) stars, b) red and cream pinwheels - not sure yet what I am doing with them.
13) Friendship Star Table Runner - needs backing, and quilting
14) Pillowcases - two cut out and ready to piece (these are a gift.)

I have 5 tops awaiting quilting, that I need to find or piece backs for.

1) Good NIght Sweetheart - need to piece backing
2) On the Road Again - needs backing
3) Northern Nights - needs backing
4) Stack and Whack - debating if I aill quilt this or send it off has backing
5) Bonus Table Runner form my July Mystery - needs borders and quilting

Hand Quilting:
I have two tops in this category and pull the smaller one out as a take along project.

1) Snow Boarder - partially done
2) Slice and Dice - partially done

At the moment my quilter has seven of my tops. One is done and the rest are waiting for her to complete them so they can come join my binding pile.

1) March Winds
2) Winter Quilt
3) Christmas Star Swap - next up
4) QMU Christmas Star Swap
5) Small Dark Waters of Kauai
6) Small Light Waters of Kauai
7) Waters of Kauai - quilted and waiting to be sent home

Needs Binding and Labels:
Daisy Days
This is my largest pile. I have 36 quilts ranging in size from wall hanging to queen waiting on a binding. Some I will hand stitch the binding down on and the others I will do by machine. They all need labels as well.

1) Red and White Stars Swap
2) Log Cabin - binding made
3) Flip Flops of Summer - binding attached to the front, needs embellishing
4) Barbara's Antiques - binding attached to the front
5) Undercover in Houston - binding attached to the front
6) Daisy Days - binding fabric selected
7) Braid
8) Eight Point Stars - binding attached to the front
9) Twenties Treasure - binding attached to the front
10) Pink Saturday Sampler - binding made
11) The Substitute Teacher Lap Quilt
12) Crazy Hearts
13) Blue California Confusion
14) Red, Cream, and Blue Mystery - binding selected, just need to find the rest of the fabric
Red, White, & Cream Mystery
15) Red Saturday Sampler
16) Undercover in Houston III (apples on white) - deciding on binding
17) HST Stars
18) Shamrock Wall Hanging
19) Bryce's Lizard Quilt - binding made (my youngest son pieced this one in third grade.)
20) Joel's Attic Windows - (my oldest son pieced this one when he was in about seventh grade)
21) Shopping's Done Lap Quilt
22) Hearts and Houses Wall Hanging
23) Baby Girl Strip Quilt
24) There's No Such Thing As Too Much Fabric  Wall Hanging
25) July Mystery Baby Quilt
26) Blue and Yellow Friendship Star
27) Pajama Party Mystery
28) Run to the Border (dark green apples)
29) Lady Bug
30) Buggy Barn Black and White Stars
31) Pick Up Sticks II
32) Baby Boy Strip Quilt - this one needs to be done as the baby has arrived.

Simply an Illusion
33) Fall Tree Mystery
34) Undercover in Chicago
35) Granny Square Baby Quilt
36) Simply an Illusion

I have one more quilt in this category that I need to finish the border on and get it in the mail and one more quilt that I need to start this year, but I am waiting on her color choices.

Part of the issue with my quilting was getting behind when I was traveling back and forth to Tennessee a few years back, doing a ton of substitute teaching, and a broken wrist with tendon damage that stopped me from quilting or at least severely limited my ability to do handwork. This year I have cut way back on my subbing and have been very careful not to fall on the ice.

If I counted right I have 200 UFOs, as some are listed in more than one category and I only count them once. That does not include any new quilts I may start.  Some of these are very small and just need a few stitches here or there, others are large and need all the blocks sewn together, or simply need me to pick a sashing to finish the top.

My plan is to move forward or complete one UFO per month this year at a  minimum. That will reduce them some and some months I would like to complete two or more.

Last year I completed finished 15 projects, so I am sure I can get at least that many done this year.  I have one that needs a label and one I am working on binding at the moment so those will be my first, two finishes of the year. I am off to work on binding a quilt this afternooon, maybe I will get my first one done for the year today.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Quilting and Sewing Accomplishments for 2018

Its Way Past time to Update My Blog

I just checked and it has been a very long time since I posted an update.  I do apologize and will try to do better in 2019.

I should say that last school year I did a long-term sub job that took a lot out of me and I did not do much sewing between January and June, though I did do some.  This summer I did some things on the house and some piecing and quilting and I have a pile of tops that are quilted and waiting for binding and others in need of borders, but I am working on my goal to finish up my UFOs or at least get them into Topsville this year, and have carried that goal over for next year.

I have finished several smaller projects this year and am proud of myself for that.  I also moved several projects forward and started a few new ones in 2018, but those will be in a different post.

I plan to spend some time this winter working on binding quilts and getting more of my UFOs done or at least moved forward.

I completed fifteen (15) projects this year.  I am missing a few pictures and am not sure where they are hiding as I have looked in several places, including my phone, but the majority of them are on here.
The projects I completed are listed below.

 1.     Whale Baby Quilt, which was a gift for a teacher at my husband's school. She had a baby boy.

 2.      Bjorn Bear, which was a gift for my oldest and dearest friend and her first grandchild to share. It is a Grandma's snuggle quilt.

 3.      Beer Lap  Quilt, which was a birthday gift for my youngest son's thirtieth.  He helped me pick coordinating fabrics to do with the main fabric, not knowing it was for him.

 4.     Guitar Quilt, which was a graduation gift for my youngest son's college graduation. He got the top for his high school graduation and I told him I would finish it by the time he graduated from college. It has a been a joke for several years since he was gone for three years due to the military, plus took a semester off to work, and changed his major and emphasis during the course of his studies; as well as only taking a couple classes a semester for a few semesters.

 5.     Tandem Bicycle Wall Hanging for my husband for his birthday.

 6.     Moose Wall Hanging.

 7.     Christmas Tree Wall Hanging for my oldest son.

 8.     Clay's Star which is a gift, but the recipient does not know that yet, so I can't say who it is for.

 9.     Folded Flowers Christmas Table Runner, for me.

10.   Christmas Friendship Star, which I donated to the ski club auction.

11.    Winter Table Runner, which I donated to the ski club action.

12.    Lover's Knot Table Runner, which I donated to the ski club auction.

13.    Three Minke Infinity Scarves for me.

14.    Five Heated Corn Bags for Tom and I.

15.    Two Pillow Cases

Things are on hold for the moment as we are cleaning up from the 7.2 earthquake that hit Anchorage on Friday, November 30.  It really did shake us up and caused some minor damage to the house and a mess to clean up from things falling. We are continuing to have after shooks that give us a real jolt and that causes little messes as books fall over or off shelves where I am working to return things to rights.

I have my UFO list for next year ready to go, as well as projects listed based on if they need to finish being pieced, need borders, are a top, are at the quilter, or need binding.

Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mallory's Lover's Knot

A very special young lady was married in June 2016 and I decided to make a quilt for her.  I wanted to have the top done before her wedding, but due to several factors that were beyond my control, I was unable to do so.  Her mother and I were in cohorts with regard to colors, and fabric. I picked the pattern because I loved the name. It seemed appropriate for a wedding gift since they say you are tying the knot.

Mallory is the oldest of three daughters of my cousin Janie. Janie is the cousin I guess you could say I am closest to. We are both the only children of the only son's on our father's side. We are both Air Force brats, and have lived in several places over the year. She is two years younger than I am and we are a lot alike in many ways. The stories I could tell about us when we were younger, but I digress.

I wanted to go to her daughter's wedding but due to unforeseen events I was unable to attend. I decided that a quilt was in order.

My cousin helped me select the fabrics via text as did the ladies at both Quilt Zone and Seams Like Home.  Then my awesome quilter, Shirley  Jackson  (yes there are two links here) worked her magic on the quilt before sending it back home to me for binding.


 I also made several sample blocks to see how the colors and farbic patterns worked before deciding on the final fabric selections.

I spent a lot of time on this quilt messaging pictures back and forth with my cousin to select fabric so that the colors would work in Mallory's home.  This combination was the winning one.

I cut a ton of strips so I could get started on piecing.  This is only a small number of the strips.

After piecing all the blocks and remembering that some went one way and others the opposite, and I had to keep counting to make sure I had enough of each block, I finally started putting the rows together.

At one point I was very frustrated with putting the rows together for the top as I was enlarging it and the rows needed to pieced in a different order than what was pictured.  Thank you so much to Diana at Quilt Zone for redoing the layout diagram for me as it saved me my sanity.  She is awesome.

Once I had the rows together and laid out piecing the top was a piece of cake.
The next step was to get the borders done, and that again took some trial and error as I had to decide which fabrics to use where, and if I wanted to introduce a new fabric into the mix or not.


The borders were on and it as sent winging on its way to the quilter and was returned so that I could bind it and attach a label.

This quilt was then mailed to the mother of the bride waited until I received notice that the bride had received it before posting this blog post as I did not want to spoil the surprise.

Here is the beautiful bride with her better late, than never wedding gift.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Herringbone Quilt for my cousin Andi

A couple of years ago I saw my cousin Andi. I had not seen in her several years and we were passing through her home town area in Illinois, so it was  perfect time to see her. We met for dinner with her husband and daughter and in the course of the conversation we discussed my quilting. I asked her about quilts our grandmother had made and discovered she did not nave one, I am sad to say.

After finding out her favorite color was purple I put that piece of information in the back of my mind and down the road a ways I found a quilt pattern and fabric that just seemed to say Andi to me.

Fast forward today. I mailed out the quilt to her earlier this month and she messaged me when it arrived and said she loved it. Today she posted a picture of her with the quilt for me. I love seeing pictures of my my quilts with the recipients. I makes me feel good to see them with their new owners.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Ugly Fabric Challenge

Earlier this year a fellow quilter sent several of us a piece of "Ugly Fabric" and challenged us to make something. I thought this is fun and raided my stash looking for fabric that would go with it.  I am very happy to say that the only thing I had to buy when making this purse was the webbing for the handles.  I did buy a zipper but decided that I did not want to put one on this version.  I also decided that I was not interested in making it into a quilt. I wanted something simple that I could actually finish, not something that would add to my UFOs.

For a long time I have wanted to make a purse of my own design using things I liked from other purses to make it one I would like and so I went for it.  I measured a couple of purses I owned that were about the size I wanted, and I looked at the pockets in others to adjust them to be useful to me. I also measured and adjusted the handles to a size that worked for me, as often the handles on purses are much shorter or longer than what I really like.

The end result was this purse:

I made the purse roughly 10 inches wide and 10 inches tall, and about 5 inches wide.  I used one layer of Temtex on each of the sides and two layers in the bottom.

I made the one inside pocket long enough to fit my iPhone laying sideways.

I added a smaller pocket on the opposite side of the lining.

I also reinforced the upper edge by using Timtex on both the inner and outer side and used polyester webbing for the straps. I sealed the webbing with liquid seam stuff that I got at JoAnn's.

Then I top stitched the upper edge to the outside of the bag and quilted the top edges to really hold in the handle ends inside and reinforce them, spacing the quilting lines about 1/4" apart.

The end result is a cute purse in my opinion is very functional and stands up on its own.  I also like the contrast of the light pockets with the darker interior, as it makes it easy to locate things.  The only thing I have not yet done is to spray the purse with Scotch Guard as it has been rather cold out, and I am waiting for it warm up before doing so, after all I do live in Alaska.
Ruler, 12"size, to give you a better view of the dimensions.

I plan to make another version of this purse. I have ideas for a few modifications to my basic pattern  and am thinking I will try adding a zipper to it and maybe even add an outer zippered pocket for my cell phone, or my keys.  I like that I have come up with a design that pulls concepts from purses that I like so that I can make it functional for me.