Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crocheting and Knitting UFO

When we were cleaning up after adding insulation to the attic we did some rearranging of furniture and I went through my crocheting and knitting projects that were stashed under our antique table.

One is this crocheted blanket, that I need to take a part and redo as I have more white than green yarn so I need to modify the pattern.
Then there is this one which is a different shade of green, and is about half done.
And this baby quilt which is about half done.
Then there is this knitted baby blanket that is about half done.

These two are for me. The first one is about half done and the last one is barely started. I do not remember when I started it of any of them, but I pull them out to work on randomly.

I have difficulty knitting any more as my wrists are so damaged from when I have broken them and my right elbow. If I knit for to long I pay for it for a couple days afterward, just like I do if I spend to much time on the computer. Crocheting is easier but I still don't do it as much. I spend most of my time working on my quilting.  One day I will pull these out and work on them again. They are low on my to be done UFOs list, but they are on the list. I have a few other knitting projects on the list also, a hat, a top, and some other things, including a pair of mittens that may never get done as I cannot get the thumb gusset to work.