Friday, January 29, 2016

UFOs for 2016

I started off this year in a cast and so am limited in what I can do sewing wise, but decided it was a good way to figure out my UFOs for the year.  I did a count by category of my UFOs and now know what I have.  Some things are going to have to wait a while as I still have another four to six weeks in my brace from my broken wrist/tendon issues.

First off I broke things into categories that work for me, they may not work for everyone, and some things are in more than one category because of the way I did this.  I set things up based on what type of sewing a project fell into, be it hand or machine, piecing or applique.


In no particular order at this time. They vary from having been started several years ago to having been started in 2015.

1) Voices of the Past
2) Black Tie Mystery

3) Lemoyne Star II
4) Soft Minki Quilt
5) Argyle Beauty II - needs more blocks
6) No Cats on My Quilt
7) Apple Quilt - needs leaves appliqued before piecing blocks
8) Irish Chain - partially cut out
9) Purple Saturday Sampler - blocks completed

10) Rag Flannel Snowflakes
11) Yin Yang
12) Kitchen Sink Jacket - needs collar, two seams and binding
13) Christmas Stars
14) Wandering Star

15) Marti Michelle Log Cabin

16) Strip Tube Jelly Roll Quilt - blocks need trimming and pressing

17) Bryce's Bunny
18) Professional Tote III
19) Sew Together Bag  II
20) Sew Together Bag III
21) Amish Doll Dress
22) Lemoyne Star Wall Hanging
23) Butterfly Purse
24)Space Purse
25) Volleyball Pillow cases
26) Nursing Pillow cases

Paper Piecing:

1) Mariner's Compass
2) No Cats on My Quilt
  • Trees

Machine Applique:

1) Kuspuk Kate and Parka Pete
2) Tulips

Hand Piecing:

1) Friendship Star
2) Grandmother's Flower Garden
3) No Cats on My Quilt
  • Hexagons
  • Tumbling Blocks
  • Spools
4) Hexies


These projects were carried over from 2015. I revised the order in which I plan to complete them based on what they are, importance, and how close to completion they are at the present time.

1) Mouse Pads
2) Cherries

3) Wild Berry Vines
4) Tulips
5) Apple Quilt
6) Morning Glories
7) Hawaiian
8) Pumpkin
9) Batik Leaves (need to find or remake the leaves)
10) Chicken - may pass this on, as I am doing the rest of the BOM, but this one is partially done.


1) Guitars Quilt - buttons and embroidery
2) Flip Flops - ribbons
3) Folded Flower Table Runner - hand tacking flower corners down
4) Beaded Tree - lots of beading to do

Hand Quilting:

1) Snowboarder
2) Slice and Dice
3) Sea/Space Bag


1) Birds
2) Winter Wonderland - Red

3) Snowmen on Blue
4) Aurifil BOM (2012)


Needs Borders:

1) Twenties Treasure
2) Black and White Mystery
3) Pinwheels


   1) Undercover in Houston II
   2) Undercover in Chicago
   3) Fall Trees Mystery
   4) Pajama Party
   5) Basket of Flowers
   6) Braid
   7) Mystery of the Substitute Teacher
   8) Run for the Border
   9) Good Night Sweetheart

 10) Friendship Stars Christmas Swap
 11) Blue and Yellow Friendship Star
 12) Buggy Barn Black and White
 13) Confined to Quarters
 14) On the Road Again - pinned
 15) Summer Solstice
 16) Christmas QMU Swap

 17) Granny Square

 18) Pick Up Sticks II
 19) Celestial Wonder

Machine Quilting By Me:

  1) Mini Tree Quilt - pinned
  2) Hearts and Houses
  3) Stack and Whack -  pinned
  4) Celestial Wonder
  5) Christmas Star Table Runner
  6) Bryce's Lizard Quilt
  7) Joel's Attic Windows
  8) There's No Such Thing as Too Much Fabric
  9) Lady Bug WH
10) Shamrock WH
11) Winter Yellow Brick Road
12) On the Road Again  -  pinned
13) Northern Nights  -  pinned
14) March Winds - pinned
15) Crazy Hearts - backing pieced

At The Quilter:

1) Pink Saturday Sampler (waiting to be mailed)
2) Barbara's Attic
3) Red, White, and Blue Swap
4) Hoffman Blue Swap
5) Undercover in Houston III
6) HST
7) California Confusion Blue

Needs Binding:

  1) Undercover in Houston
  2) Simply An Illusion - Blue
  3) Flip Flops

  4) Cut to the Chase

  5) Red Saturday Sampler
  6) Guitars

  7) Angel Round Robin
  8) Lightening Quick
  9) Shopping's Done
10) Split 9-Patch

11) Doreen Speckman Fabric Mystery

12) Romantic Get Away

13) June Strip Club

14) Daisy Days

15) Lemoyne Star

16) Blue and Yellow Mystery

17) Santa WH
18) Santa WH 2

I will update this later with pictures.

Hopefully I can move more of these forward in 2016 once I have my hand back.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

End of 2015

I just realized that though I started several posts for 2015 I never actually posted any of them. They were all in draft format.  I spent 2015 doing some reorganizing of my sewing space and finishing up or making progress on my UFOs, as well as starting a few new quilts and other projects.


Wandering Star Quilt (in progress)

Blue Marti Michelle Log Cabin (4 blocks done)

Hexagon (English Paper Piecing)

Six pillow cases (incomplete)

Anniversary Waltz - blocks completed


Caravan Sewing Machine Cover ( needs seam hand stitched)

Mini Tree Quilt for Joel (pinned and ready to quilt)

Strip Quilt

Large Tree Table Runner (two blocks in progress)


Summer Solstice

Christmas QMU Swap

Daisy Days

Granny Square


Split 9-Patch

Hedge Hogs

Crazy Hearts Lap Quilt


Split 9-Patch

Doreen Speckman Fabric Mystery

Daisy Days

Lemoyne Stars

June Strip Club

Romantic Get Away

Blue and Yellow Mystery


Spirit of the West

Monet Print Swap

Hole in the Barn Door Swap

Pink and Teal

Clay's Choice


Argyle Beauty - completed 1/24; gifted to Lauren Boone 7/2

16 Patch Swap Quilt - donated

Hedge Hogs = completed in 5/11; gifted to Sarah Chaikin and Baby Tessa in June

Olympia - completed 5/15; gifted to Carolyn Costanza and Baby Christian in May

Simply an Illusion in Teal - completed 6/30; gifted to Theresa MacKay in July

The Road to Paradise is Paved with Bumps - completed 7/26 - for me.

Old Books and Scattered Pages - completed 8/2 - gifted to Judy Kern 8/2

Hexagon Pot Holders - completed 18 for Christmas gifts and the ski club auction 8/30

Three fleece scarves for ski club auction

Four Table Runners - completed for the ski club auction 8/30

Six pillow cases for Christmas gifts

Oak Leaves Quilt - completed 9/5 - set to side for gift.

Snowman Quilt - completed 9/19; for me

Olivia's Quilt - completed 10/12; Flannel Commission Quilt done for Katie as gift for her sister

Mini Tree Quilt - completed 10/20; gift for Bryce

Mug Rugs x 2

Overall I think this is pretty good considering that we traveled for 9 weeks this summer and I have not been able to sew since October 28th because of hand surgery and then falling and breaking my right wrist.

I have several other quilts not listed that are also awaiting binding. The binding is attached, I just need my wrist to heal so I can get back to hand stitching.  There are many other projects in progress, from past years that I plan to work on moving forward in 2016 along with the ones listed above.