Sunday, May 20, 2012

Embroidery Projects in the Works.

For the past several months I have been working on the Aurfil thread block of the month (BOM) for 2012. All the blocks are embroidery blocks and come out on the first Thursday of the month.  I have not done embroidery in years and thought it would be fun to give a try again.  I am loving it and have started a couple of other embroidery projects as well.  The Aurifil BOM blocks that I have done so far are are:


April is in progress:

May is traced and ready to start as soon as I finish April.

I am also working on a Redwork embroidery called Winter Wonderland.
Here is the one block I have done:

This one is in progress:
 Here is a picture of the Winter Wonderland patter by Crabapple Hill that I am working on above:
 I still have a few of the larger block to trace, but decided to wait and do those later.

Here are a couple of other patterns that I have traced and ready to go:

 I will work on the over time and then make wall hangings of them individually or use some combined in a quilt.  I have not decided. Some will be in redwork and some in blue, and a few in white as I am doing them on a blue background.  I have several blocks prepped and ready to take on our vacation to work on while sitting on the balcony relaxing or reclining on the beach.  Though I am tucking a couple of books in my bag to read as well.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Update on Quilting Projects

I have been remiss in posting due to life getting in the way. I was subbing a lot the last few weeks and posting on here fell by the way side.
I have actually gotten a lot done in the last two months, though not as much as I really would have liked to have gotten done.
I finished a couple of flimsies, or quilt tops.  One is ready to send off to the quilter

 and the other will follow soon after as I am deciding if I want to applique some flowers on it before sending it off to be quilted.
For some reason the picture flipped when I as posting it, but it works.
I am trying a new quilter in Kentucky and will post her link later as she and I have a secret project we are working on and I do not want to reveal the surprise to the special recipient just yet.
I also started a mystery quilt and at the moment I am deciding whether to do the whole quilt or to do just some sections of it and make them into wall hangings. This is the first section and I really like it as a wall hanging and may just finish it that way and do other sections of the quilt that way also.
 I have also been working on a quilt called Pick Up Sticks. Here is a picture of my progress so far.
 I have many more black and white strips to sew together and cut apart to add the little pops of color and then once those are sewn together I need to cut them into 5.5" squares and arrange them into rows. The quilt is one that caught my eye at the quilt store.
As you can see I have been busy along with all my subbing. Later today I will post an update on my other projects that are in the works.
Have a wonderful day!