Sunday, February 14, 2016

New Year and Time to Reorganize things

Last year I started organizing or rather reorganizing things in my sewing room.  I have put all the Christmas fabric together.  I have all the over one yard size pieces in two plastic boxes with lids and I know I have enough to fill one more box.

I previously had all fabric organized by amount. A couple shelves held pieces that were smaller than one yard, a couple of others held pieces that were one yard. Other shelves held pieces that were greater than one yard by increasing yardage.  All my FQ are in plastic drawers, stacked to the ceiling.

I was thinking this is going to be a no buy year unless I need something to use as a backing, borders, or a fabric to go with a print that I have nothing else that will or am short yardage, other than a few pre-cuts that I have already committed to in an order.

I have also pulled a few patterns that I want to do to use up some of my stash and some of my scraps.  I am looking at doing a some two color quilts, with a print and a solid looking type fabric, one in reds and one in blues.  I am also planning a quilt for someone and am thinking of doing an Irish chain with a black background. There are two other quilts I would like to as gifts, but with my hand still in a brace my cutting and piecing is limited. I did start piecing a couple quilts using some of my precuts. One is a strip club pattern and the other is a disappearing pinwheel.  I am trying doing small amounts of cutting just to see how my hand feels, as as long as I only do a few cuts at a time and then rest my hand it is not too bad. The problem is I want to keep cutting and then I know I will pay for it.  I have done marathon cut-a-thons in the past and know that at the moment that is not going to happen no matter how much I may want to do it.

I updated my UFO list and I also need to find more time to work in my sewing room so I can finish cleaning and organizing. Though once a gain the brace gets in the way.  I really need my right hand back in play at full speed.

I am being patient, but this is really getting old.