Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Sewing Room Closet

I started this post last year when I was working on cleaning out my sewing room closet. I just realized that I had never posted it, so as doign so now.

There is a closet in my sewing room that I have not entered in, oh about ten years. It is crammed full of things and I finally started to empty it and clear it out.  It was scary to open the door as I was not sure what might fall out on me.
A few pieces of fabric fell out, but nothing heavy.  As I started pulling things out I found some things I had been looking for, and lots of other interesting discoveries.

There was a ton of fleece in the closet, in a variety of colors.  Now I know by the size of some pieces that they were bought to make hats, but other pieces I am not sure why I bought.  For the moment they are piled in the living room, waiting for me to decide what to do with them.

I discovered lots of fabric, some that I am giving away, and some that I am keeping, as well as some I wonder what I was thinking when I bought it.  There were lots of cottons, which I use for quilting and shirting fabrics that at some point I must have bought to make shirts, or something. I also discovered a couple of UFQs, one that I have been looking all over for. I started this when my husband was the the technology coordinator at Benny Benson Secondary School. How it ended up in the closet is beyond me, because I was not storing handwork there then, nor do I store it there now.

My thought at the time was it would be a nice wall hanging for his classroom. Now he teaches art, but he still uses computers as he teaches computer graphics class, so I will finish it for his birthday or Christmas. There is still a lot of hand work to be done on it. I have to finish the applique and do the embroidery everywhere you see blue lines.

I also discovered a set of blocks from a swap where my fabric that I sent out was this beautiful Hoffman.  The blocks are all together and I picked up a blue for sashing and binding last night, so will get this one put together at some point in the near future. I have since finished the quilt and am auditioning backing fabric.
I found tons of interesting things in my closed.  I am still working on many of them but one day in the future I plan to have all my UFQs done. This is not to say that I will not be making more UFQs as time goes on, but all the ones from prior to 2013 will be done or passed on to someone who will love them. 


  1. I like the quilt for your hubby. The blue one is really beautiful. I am glade that you are finishing all your awesome UFOs. They should be done and enjoyed.

    1. Thank you, if I can I will finish it for his birthday in July. Hoping to do some more quilting this week, as DH has class all week. We are spending the weekend riding the tandem, so no sewing. Just got two back from the quilter that I need to make binding for.