Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Here is the second set of quilt tops. These are the next 26 tops. Several of my tops are to big for me to quilt on my domestic machine, so they will be going to the quilter.  It may take me all year or longer to get them all done as I cannot afford to send more than one or two a month to quilter. I think I finally found all of the tops.  I hope no more are hiding.
Saturday Sampler in Pastels.
Red, White, and Blue Swap
Blue Hoffman Swap from the 1990's
Buggy Barn Black and White Stars
From 1992 or 1993, back when I was under the mistaken impression that you needed to use only one print and the rest solids. You can tell the borders were added about 15 to 20 years later when I learned more about textures.
Simply an Illusion, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery.
Undercover in Houston, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery.
Rainbow Stars with Piano Key border
Simply an Illusion, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery. I think it looks like tumbling blocks.
Friendship Star Christmas Swap
1997 Churn Dash Christmas Swap, also called Hole in the Barn Door, debating whether to add another border to this one or not.
Mystery Quilt - Diana Bradley teacher and designer.
Undercover in Houston III, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery. I call it my Michigan Apples quilt because of the reds and greens and the background fabric is a tiny apple print.
Spirit of the West, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery
The colors in this quilt do not come through as true. This quilt was a swap quilt in which I sent my primary fabric and one of my two secondary fabrics, teal and purple. Some people got teal, others got purple.  The dark print was my primary fabric and is the border fabric.
Confined to Quarters, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery. I am debating adding a black inner border, and a black and white print outer border. What do you think? Suggestions are appreciated.

OFF KUiLTeR This one is ready to send to the quilter.

Good Night Sweetheart, A Debbie Caffrey Mystery

New Year's Mystery Quilt 2011
Pam Ventagen, teacher and designer
Half Square Triangle Quilt
Undercover in Houston II, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery
Braid, I am not sure if you can tell but the top is cut at an angle with border wider on one side than the other. 
I am undecided if I will quilt these or send them off to be quilted. But since I have so many I have time to decided. :)

Blue and Yellow Friendship Stars. I have the backing for this one and may decide to quilt it myself, I need to measure it and see what it size it ended up being.

These are two quilts that my son's started when they were young. I finished up the tops and added borders, and now need to quilt them. You can learn more on the story of each of them here.
Joel's Space Quilt, Attic Windows.  I plan to quilt this one.

Bryce's Lizard Quilt.  I plan to quilt this one.

Then I have this one that I cannot even find, but I know it needs to be quilted. It is somewhere in my sewing room, but where is the question.
Block Pattern: Clay's Choice. This one I may have quilted and donate to the American Legion Auxiliary for a fund raiser.  


  1. wow Wanda a very great array of quilts you have!!

    1. Thank you Shirley, keep your eyes posted more will be posted in the next few weeks.

  2. great quilts, Wanda. Really like the churn dashes and the happy red, green and white Christmas ones. The rainbow stars is really cool. You are brave to do so many mystery quilts! (I usually don't start one until I know what it looks like;))

    1. Sarah I did my first Debbie Caffrey Mystery years ago and have never done one of hers that I did not like. Other quilters not so much. I was very sad to see Debbie leave Alaska as there are no other quilters of her caliber here in Anchorage who teach simple Mysteries. Bryce and Mallory are the only two people who have ever gotten one of her mysteries that are quilted, as I have kept them all for me thus far.
      The Tree Mystery by Diana Bradley, I loved but her mysteries are very complex and cannot be completed in one day. I love her quilts also and have done a few of them, some of which I only completed one block made. I know going into her classes that it will be a challenge, and take time to complete.

  3. Wanda - fantastic quilt show! You are a prolific quilter and make such lovely quilts.

    1. Thank you Karen. I now need to spend time making backings so I can get them quilted.

  4. Love all your great quilt tops!

  5. love the tree mystery - but that does look like a lot of work!
    wonderful collection of quilts, Wanda!
    I would suggest another border on that 1997 Churn Dash Christmas Swap - but 'Christmas colors' are so different now, it might be tough to find something in the more traditional colors. I would just put a b/w binding on the Confined to Quarters - maybe a wider binding than usual?
    thanks for showing us your tops!

    1. Thea I am thinking that both Christmas ones need another border, and I may actually have fabrics that will work in my stash, just have to look and lay them out side by side to see if they will work.

  6. You could take those on the road and do a lecture and trunk show. Thy are all so pretty. I love the Saturday Sampler, and the Illusion quilts, and the rainbow stars, and Goodnight Sweetheart. I guess I could keep going. You have more in topsvill;e than me for sure. ;)

    1. Beth Goodnight Sweetheart is going on my bed when it is done. I need 14 yards to do the back as it is huge. I have the fabric, just need to piece the back and I have some four patches to include in the back. I also have backings for a couple others of these, just need to get them pieced and sent off to be quilted, a one or two a month due to cost.

    2. I also wanted to say that the Saturday Sampler is the same pattern as the larger red and blue one that is in need of binding, I just used a different setting as I did not want it to be as large.