Friday, February 1, 2013

UFQ Progress Since March 13, 2012

  • NBHS - needs binding hand sewn
  • OTQ - off to quilter 
  • HA - Hand Applique

New Projects Added and Progress
  • Fall 2012 Mystery - topsville
  • Moda Twirl Jelly Roll Quilt - completed/bound
  • Heart Crazies - NBHS
  • Spring Mystery: Flower Basket Block - done
  • Sampler Quilt - three blocks need hand piecing
  • Pick-Up Sticks - in progress
  • Mardi Gra Mystery - NBHS
  • Red/Cream/Blue Mystery - NBHS
  • Coins in the Fountain - in progress
  • Flannel Baby Quilt - done and delivered
  • Flannel Baby Quilt - in progress 
  • Too Simple -  OTQ
  • Plaid four patches -OTQ
  • Aurifil BOM - in progress 
  • QuiltMashUp Christmas Swap -sashing cut
  • Christmas Tree Skirts x 2 -Done
  • Spiral Table Runners x 2 - Done
  • Mug Rugs x 10 - Done
  • Christmas Placemats x 4 - Done
  • Christmas Table Runners x 6 - Done  
  • Tote Bag - Done
  • Kitchen Sink Jacket - quilting in progress
  • Pillow Cases x 8 - Done  
  • Christmas WH - Done 

  • Shamrock WH - topsville
  • Hoffman Fabric Swap Top done January 2013
  • Red, Cream, Blue Swap - topsville
  • Table Runner - completed
  • Clay's Stars - topsville
  • Space Attic Window's  topsville
  • Bryce's Lizard Quilt topvillesville
  • Daisy Days - HA working on last block
  • Bargello - sent it out the door
  • Black Bear and Dress -sent out the door
  • Saturday Sampler topsville
  • Friendship Stars -topsville
  • Burgundy and Green Swap -topsville, OTQ 

I think there may be a few things I have left off the list, but for the most part this should be fairly complete.  I will be updating my UFQ list for this year shortly.  I am still checking what is what is in my sewing room, as I think there may be a few things hiding in the pile of tops, and in the closet that are not on my list and should be. My plan is to post my UFQ list for this year this weekend. I wanted to get it up last month, but ended up subbing all but 3 days, so time got away from me.  Oh well, that's life. I did get in a lot of sewing on the weekends, so I am happy. 

Wishing you a loving stitching filled February.


  1. Looks like you have completed or moved along quite a few projects! Great job!

    1. Dänke! My plan is to do this every month. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. WOW! You are amazing! Keep it up! I think I only finished 3 last year. I'm hoping for more this year.

  3. You did a great job on finishes. I really can send you some if you are low on projects. LOL

    1. ROTFLMAO Beth!!!! I have plenty hiding. Will post my list soon. Still checking to see what is hiding that I have forgotten.