Thursday, February 28, 2013


My quilts have arrived safely from Shirley in Kentucky and are ready for binding which I am busy cutting and piecing today.

I started a new quilt at my favorite quilt store Quilt Zone, here in Anchorage.  The quilt can be done pieced or machine appliqued. I prefer to piece, so am doing mine that way.

The pattern was designed by a local quilter, Janet McWorkman and she is teaching the class.

I started with a bluish-black background, but then when I choose fabrics from my stash for the block centers I changed to a brown background.

After I made all the centers and then some as the quilt called for 31 and I made 46, so I can't count.  :)  I was involved and going strong, so kept going. I did not realize until I had them all done that I was as my friend says, an over-achiever.

Once I laid them out on the brown I decided that some of them just did not work and pulled the original background back out, and a second quilt was born.

Here are some pictures, the centers are just laid out on the backgrounds for both quilts.

I will start cutting and adding the backgrounds to make the blocks the correct sizes after I finish piecing the bindings for the three that are home from the quilter.

This is the brown background and a sampling of the blocks.
This is the bluish-black background with a sampling of the blocks and a few more off to the side.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Shirley. Hoping to get the blocks all done this next week so I can use class time to put the tops together.

  2. That is way cool. I love how the blocks float on your backgrounds. And now you will have 2.
    Do you just stitch them onto the background? Or will you piece all of that too?

  3. I will piece it also. Want to try and get them done before class next week so I can work on putting the tops together then.