Thursday, February 28, 2013

Quilts Returning from the Quilter

Here are pictures of the quilts that just returned home.

Planning to bind this in the green.
Close ups of a couple of the blocks:

Here is the black and cream quilt with a close up of the quilting.  The pattern is called Too Simple.

And last but not least a picture of Coins in the Fountain.

This pattern and fabric came from Pat Sloan.  She had the kits available on her site Pat Sloan's Web Store though I do not see the kits there any more, she still has some wonderful things for sale including jelly rolls of her fabrics Eat Your Fruits and Veggies and her patterns.  I stocked up on her fabrics and have a plan for them.

I am off to finish cutting and piecing bindings so I can finish Crazy Hearts, and the three above and send them on their way to their new owners.

Thank you Shirley Jackson for the beautiful pictures that you took of my quilts. I love the wonderful job you did on the quilting. I need to get busy and get more done and in the mail.

Have a wonderful evening and happy quilting.


  1. Wanda the quilting is just amazing. All three are fantastic, but I think I am totally in love with that black and cream. Wow. Awesome job.

    1. Thank you Beth. Hope that she likes it when she gets it.