Sunday, February 3, 2013

Coins in the Fountain

Finished my modified version of Coins in the Fountain today. Backing and top are done and boxed up with Lindsey's Quilt and Quilt for another friend and ready to mail to the quilter.

I modified the Coins in the fountain to be longer and narrower as the recipient spends time in a wheel chair and this way it will not get caught in the wheels if she uses it in the chair.

Also finished a rag time flannel baby quilt today. Giving it to the grandmother to do the snipping and then it will pass to her son and his wife for their new baby born January 28th.  He came a few days early, so I am within my original time line as he was due February 9th.


  1. Still on the fast track with your finishes Wanda! The coin quilt is beautiful. Love the fabrics.
    Keep stitching.

    1. Thank you Beth. I used Pat's kit for the quilt. Next up is another UFQ that has been sitting in the pile for a long time.