Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quilt Request from a Colorado Quilter

Michelle is a Colorado quilter who lives across town from the Waldo Canyon Fire.  She has been watching the news coverage of the fire and wants to help those who have lost homes and been evacuated. 

 She is asking for anyone who is willing to donate a completed quilt, quilt top, backing, or batting to please contact her. If you live in her area she will collect and disburse the quilts that are received and I am sure if you are out of state she would gladly accept donations by mail. 

She is asking for people to pass the word so that maybe we can bring some comfort to the victims of the fire.  

I am hoping that there is also someone willing do help those in northern Colorado who have been impacted by the fire north of Fort Collins as well. I do not know any quilters in that area, but if there is one I hope that they would be willing to help in a similar way.

Michelle can be reached by email at
or through her blog Just for the Piece of It

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  1. Thanks Wanda, I will contact her. I bet I haveer some quilts I can donate. LOL