Sunday, June 17, 2012

More UFQing....

Today was a full day with a 15 mile ride on the tandem and Father's Day, but I managed to work on my UFQs for a while today.  Here is the other quilt I said I had bought fabric to make binding for in my previous post. The gray color is really lavender and the blue background on the Mardi Gras print is really more purple.  The lighting in the evening is not so great in my sewing room.
Here are the bindings in order from left to right for the Mardi Gras quilt, the Crazy Hearts quilt, and the New Year's Mystery. The second two are pictured in my last post.  The last  binding on the right is purple not blue, again the light in my sewing room is not the best at night for colors.

Here are to two UFQs from my sons that I am finishing.  The outer space attic windows is one Joel started years ago, not even sure what year it was. I still need to cut borders and to decide if I want to put an in inner border or just the outer space fabric border.  If I do an inner border what color should I use?  A dark blue?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

These are Bryce's blocks that he made the summer he between 5th and 6th grade or 6th and 7th grade.  He was being a good Boy Scout and helped a little girl across a pond after her brother abandoned her on the other side and she got freaked out causing them both to fall. He fell and got a huge cut in his leg that required several stitches, antibiotics, and rest to heal.  Bryce is an active boy, still is an active young man, so it was hard to keep him still. He wanted to run and ride his bike, but I had one thing to hold over his head.  If his leg did not heal he could not go on the scout canoe trip. I came up with the idea of him making another quilt. He had already taken a class and made one for himself, so he knew the basics. We went shopping and he picked out his fabrics, I cut and he started sewing, a little each day.  He never finished it, and when cleaning my sewing room I discovered it  hiding in a box.  I took apart the rows that were way to far off to work, yesterday, and fixed some blocks that would have fallen apart as soon as it washed and now need to trim up some blocks and put it back together.  I have the inner and outer border fabric and maybe even enough for the backing of the fabrics he picked out.
I ran out of spray starch tonight so will have to wait until I get more to starch them before trimming the nine patches as they are not exactly square, so I want to stabilize them.

I am off to work on the binding on the strip quilt so I can get it done and start to embroider the label.


  1. These will be great memories for them.

  2. Love the boys quilts. They will be so surprised to get them all finished and ready to use.

  3. Oh my gosh they are Lizard like reptiles!!! kewl!

    1. Thus the name Lizard Quilt, for lack of a better idea. :)