Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby Frankie's Quilt

Jen and Baby Frankie.
I can finally write about the quilt I made a very special little girl as she has her quilt now.  A very special friend and former student of mine recently had a baby girl, June 5th.  Little Frankie is adorable.
I started this quilt after Jen told me she was expecting a girl. I asked Jen for colors and she told me ocean colors, some soft pink.  "I love whites, greens, blues, yellows, and of course black,"  were the colors she gave me.
I did not tell Jen why I wanted colors, I just said "So pink is color, right. Can I go all girlie?"
I started searching for fabrics and found Me and My Sister's Twirl line.  It was perfect because it had all the colors and some black and white thrown in for good measure.  I ordered a jelly roll and decided to do the easiest strip quit ever.
Once the top was done I  picked the borders with Jen in mind. I knew that she would like a little black thrown in so I went with the black and white polka dots and the butterflies on the black background, picked a flowery girly back ground and sent it off to the quilter, Shirley Jackson.

 When the quilt returned home to me I put on the binding, using the black and white polka dots again.  I love how the borders set off the colors in the quilt and how the binding nicely frames the flowery backing.
Next, I set to work on embroidering the label so that I could finish up the quilt and send it on its way to Baby Frankie.
I made Jen promise that when she received the box she would get pictures so I could see her reaction, and of course her sweet daughter with the quilt.
Jen, Baby Frankie, and the quilt.


  1. gorgeous Wanda!your choices are perfect.

  2. Your quilt looks great Wanda! I just finished a jelly roll quilt made with Twirl also!... but I don't have the matching border and backing that you found...I used a flannel and bound it in a blue floral