Friday, April 5, 2013

Quilts in Need of Binding and Labels

Yesterday I took out all my quilts that are in need of binding and took pictures of them.  Some have the binding sewn on one side and are awaiting the hand stitching, others have the binding made but not attached, and still others need the binding made.  I apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures, I am not the best photographer.

One has the binding in progress as I have been working on it slowing and it is a big quilt, queen size.
Crazy Hearts
I have one more side and part of another to finish and this one will be ready to send to the recipient.The label is already embroidered and attached.

Surround, a New Year's Mystery 2012
This one needs the binding hand stitched and a label added, then it will be done.

Cut to the Chase, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery
This one needs the binding to be made and attached and a label.

Saturday Sampler
This one needs binding made, but first I need to decide what I want to use as binding because I do not have any of the red fabric or the dark blue fabric. I need to see what of the other fabrics used in the quilt I like and have enough of to make the binding out of as this quilt is either king or queen size. I also need to make the label.  I will have to measure it again. This one is a surprise gift for someone.

Bryce's Guitar Quilt
I made this top for my youngest son when he graduated from high school in 2006 and told him it would be quilted and done by the time he graduated from college.  He is taking the long way through college and due to his Army National Guard deployment this coming fall his college is on hold again, so I plan to attach the binding and label and have it ready for him when he returns from Cuba next year. The binding is made and ready to go on, and I have to add the embellishments to the guitars, which will all be done by hand.

One More Time, a Debbie Caffryy Mystery

This quilt has a sister quilt that is also a Debbie Caffrey Mystery that was done using the same main fabric.  I need to hand stitch the binding down and add a label to call it done.

New Year's Mystery 2010

This one needs the binding hand stitched down and a label added to be called done.
Shoppings Done Wall Hanging

Several years ago I did this class and made extra blocks. I have a lap size quilt, four place mats and two wall hanging of which this is the second one.  I need to hand stitch the binding down and it will be done.

Too Simple
Sorry this one is so dark, the sunlight coming in the window is causing some shadowing. This one is up next for binding, I just need to do the hand stitching and add the label.

Now I need to go dig out the rest of my tops and see what to send off to the quilter next, or pull a small one to quilt myself, and maybe both.

Have a quilty day.


  1. What a lovely bunh of quilts. Just binding isn't too much to finish, right?

  2. Very nice! And I don't feel so bad now about my daughter's high school quilt I hope to have quilted and bound by the time she graduates from college!

  3. Wanda...what a great bunch of quilts and almost done with them!

  4. I really love that guitar quilt you made for your son! I mean I love all your quilts, but, that one really stands out for me today. Is it from a pattern? How are you going to embellish it?

  5. Beth - I am working on the binding, and not it is not that much to finish. Just takes time as I can only do so much hand stitching at a time.

    Machelle - some things take longer than others to finish, but that just means they have more love put into them.

    Caryl - Thank you.

    Water Lily - Yes, it is from a pattern. It was on the Quilting Arts magazine back cover several years back. I found the patter still on line at the following link by Robbi Joy Eklow.[quilts]=ID&ID[quilts]=25
    It is called Groovy Guitars. She has two others out now also, called Groovy Guitars Reboot and Groovy Guitars Too!

  6. Water Lily - embellishments include buttons for the knobs, adding embroidery for the strings, and not sure will decide as I go along what else it might need.