Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Sewing Room

WOW!  I just realized that I never posted this, but then I have not finished my sewing room either, so I guess it like this post is a work in progress.  I started this post back in April and though a lot has been organized and put away my fat quarters, and half yard or less pieces of fabric are still strewn around waiting to be put in some kind of order.  I think I need to make this a goal for the new year, either get them put away or clear them out.
I did give some away, and others I am thinking I will cut into strips to use in strip quilts or other scrapping projects.

The draft I thought I had posted:
I am making progress on my sewing room, you can actually see the floor. I have a ton of half yards and fat quarters to go through and figure out where to put them, and what to do with them.


  1. Keep at it Wanda, it will be so worth all the time and effort when it is all organized.

  2. You will get there Wanda... my sewing room is a WIP too! Post pictures and suggestions for storage as you go.... I need ideas!

    1. This I can do. I will take a few pictures and get them posted in the next week or so. I am subbing most of the first week back, add in a doctor appointment or two and that week will be gone. So I doubt I will get much done the week of the seventh, but then I will focus again.