Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sampler Quilt

This fall a friend and I started a sampler quilt that was being offered at a LQS. The pattern is out of print, but the shop owner has permission to use it and has updated the directions for us. She rewrote the directions to use current tools, and updated things to use new techniques.
I really enjoyed the class and learned a few new techniques, as well as improved my skills in a few areas.
The class was divided into six classes and we got two or three blocks to complete at each class.
I was making great progress until we hit the three blocks that are hand pieced.  I am a slow handpiecer, which could be related to my trigger finger.
I have been working hard on the last few blocks, but they have over 100 pieces in each so that has slowed me down some. I could have easily done the one block with strip piecing, but decided that I wanted to use 120 different fabrics in it instead.  
I was delayed on my progress because of surgery to fix my trigger finger but in about six weeks I hope to pick back up my hand piecing and get to work on finishing those blocks. Until that time I am working on sewing the machine pieced blocks that are cut, though I still have some pieces to cut, one to paper piece and another that I have not started.  I have moved this quilt onto my list of things to finish in 2013.

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