Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The UFQ's and Other Things Hiding in my Sewing Room

Today I started going through my Unfinished Quilts or UFQs, though I should call them Unfinished Projects as I have a few that are not quilts. I also went through my kits, and Projects in Grocery Sacks or PIGS waiting to be started. I am listing thing under each category here to document them and to hold myself accountable.

This list is not necessarily complete as there may well be more hiding in my sewing room that I have not accounted for as yet, or that are in other places so I need to find them before adding them to the list, so this will be updated once I locate the others. To help you understand my abbreviations I have included a list of those also.

  • HA - Hand Appliqué 
  • PP - Paper Pieced 
  • MA - Machine Appliqué 
  • HQ - Hand Quilting 
  • MQ - Machine Quilting 
  • Mouse Pad -HA 
  • Hoffman Fabric Swap have sashing and border fabric
  • Solstice Sizzler - PP 
  • Celestial Wonders - PP 
  • Kuspuk Kate and Parka Pete - MA 
  • 15 Minute Swap Blocks 
  • Heritage Sampler - HA 
  • Bryce's Bunny 
  • Homer Spit - MA 
  • Hawaiian Quilt - HA 
  • 50 States Block Swap x 2 
  • Red, White/Cream, Blue Swap - moved to topville
  • Table Runner 
  • Clay's Stars - progress made, almost a top
  • Hand Pieced Stars Blue and Yellow Friendship Stars 
  • Cherry Quilt - HA 
  • Space Attic Window's  moved to topville
  • Butterfly Purse 
  • Bryce's Lizard Quilt moved to topville
  • Space Sea Purse - HQ 
  • Daisy Days - HA 
  • Needle Turn Flowers Appliqué - HA 
  • Bargello from the Dark-side sent it out the door
  • Chicken from the Dark-side 1 - HA 
  • Chicken from the Dark-side 2 - HA Prep
  • Amish Doll Dress 
  • Black Bear and Dress 
  • Trellis Garden - need to find the pattern to finish 
  • Left-over Log Cabin Strips - what to do with?
  • Happiness Key 
  • The Apple Quilt
  • Skier 
  • Saturday Sampler moved to topville
  • Snowboarder - HQ 
  • Friendship Stars -progress made, blocks completed.
  • Burgundy and Green Swap -progress made, blocks sashed. 
 BOM - Block of the Month 
  • 1997 - 12 blocks not started 
  • 1998 - Traditions, two sets, not started 
  • 2000 - Visions in Blue 12 blocks, not started
  • 1999 - 3 blocks not started (table runner?)
  • Unknown year - 10 blocks, not started
  • Anniversary Waltz - 12 blocks, seven completed. 
  • Chicken Blocks #3 and #4 
PIGS - Projects in Grocery Sacks
  •  Baby Quilt - Twirl Fabric quilted and bound
  • Mauve Quilt 
  • Eagle Quilt 
  • Wedding Ring Quilt 
  • Knitting Bag 
  • Hot Cocoa Table Runner 
  • Frog Shower Curtain - PP 
  • Chili Pepper Quilt 
  • Pink Ribbon Pillow Cases 
  • Train Quilt 
  • Alaskan Fabric Quilt
  • Forget-Me Nots 
  • Perky Posies 
  • Aurora x 2 
  • Star Flake -small quilt 
  • Angel of Joy Wall Hanging - need to find pattern 
  • Liberty Stars 
  • Flip Flop Bee Bop 
  • Peaceful Enchantment 
  • Christmas Carol 
  • Vest 
  • BQ x 2 
  • Amazing 
  • Fab Four 
  • Snowmen Will Melt Your Heart 
  • Snow Flakes x 2 
  • Kuspuk By the Yard Shop Hop


  1. That is quite the list Wanda. Here's hoping you get some UFOs busted this year. I am trying but not really making progress. :)

  2. Wow Wanda....I can see how that happens as I have a lot of projects started too....I only listed part of them on my blog. It seems like there is always something else to be started!!

    1. I know this list was incomplete as I added things to it when I just updated it and I know there are more things not on the list. I am working my way towards finishing 20 things or at least moving twenty things to topville this year. I have six quilts waiting for binding and have the binding made for four or five of them, not I just have to get it on them and make the labels.