Saturday, March 3, 2012

So I went through a ton of fabric that was in the closet on the shelving unit in there.  A lot of the pieces were small fat quarters or half yards.  I found a ton of muslin, that I did not know I had, some old costumes from when the boys skated in ice shows, and more fabric.  Some of the fabric is rayon or sateen.  The rayon I am not sure what I bought it for as the colors were very different, not something I would wear.  The sateen I bought back when I was making costumes so I know why I have it.
After going through and separating the different fabric types I started on the other side of the closet.  I found pillow forms, more fleece, some books, including a couple on embroidery stitches, a few magazines, and a quilt from 1995 that was half hand quilted in the big stitch style.
I know it is from 1995 as I made three of them and two were donated to tornado victims in Clarksville, Tennessee that year.  They were originally intended as a gift, but I felt they could be better used in Tennessee at the time. The pattern is called slice and dice and is one where you stack up eight different squares of fabric and slice seven times then shift the fabrics around so each block has the eight different fabrics showing.  You can draw your lines on a square of freezer paper and then cut or just cut.  Depending on the size of your fabric squares your block size will vary once they are sewn into squares and squared up.  It is a fun quilt to make and I enjoyed making them, but I really thought that I had sent this one to someone or donated it a long time ago.  Guess this is another UFQ to add to my list.  I don't think it will take long to finish as it looks to be a little more than half done and is a lap size quilt.

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