Friday, March 9, 2012

Recycled Jeans

Have you thought about recycling things in your quilting. Bonnie Hunter does a lot with cotton shirts, and The with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims posted that they love to recycle.  This inspired me to post about my use of recycled materials.  I love jeans and have used them for a few projects. I have four boxes of jeans and pieces of cut of jeans all from my two boys, my husband and myself. 
The first denim project I made was a quilt.
 The second was a denim purse made from a pair of my youngest son's jeans. I took a machine embroidery class and this was what I used to play on the machine with. Someday I will have one of those in my machine collection.
 The third was my denim jacket lined with fleece.  It is nice and warm and heavy.
I also made myself a skirt and still have several ideas floating around in my head on what else I can do with all the jeans I have collected.  We shall see what I come up with next.


  1. I have boxes of old jeans from my boys growing up and intend to do something with them. Wanda...I like all your projects...good inspiration!

    1. Go Caryl! Can;t wait to see what you are inspired to make with yours.

  2. Great recycling of all that denim.

  3. I want to get a picture of me in the jacket to add to this post as a friend of mine said it looks much cuter on. So will see about doing that tomorrow when we head out to sew as I am thinking that is the jacket I will wear.