Friday, September 2, 2011

Sewing the Day Away

Today is dedicated to sewing. I have the car loaded to head out to the quilt store where I have signed up to sew all day. There is a day and an evening group of ladies of get together to sew once a month. I have always been in the evening group, and now that I am retired I have joined the day time group as well. There are a few of us who do both.
I have several things lined up to work on today starting with binding the rainbow quilt since I finally found a fabric to bind it. I had one all picked out and ready to go, but it was too short and I had no more fabric and could not find any more, so bought a new one and am ready to go.
I also plan to bind Bryce's guitar quilt. It will still need to be embellished, but binding is a step in the right direction.
 I also have a quilt I started several years ago and misplaced the fabric so was at a lost to finish it. I found the focus fabric in my sewing room when cleaning, and some of the secondary fabrics. I was also able to buy more of one of the secondary fabrics and a fabric that blends well since I do not have much left of another secondary fabric and can finally finish the borders so I can send it off to be quilted. As you can see this quilt is in purples so yes, it for me. That will give me a total of three quilts for my bed, including the rainbow quilt.

The next project on my list is a baby quilt, but the fabric is already in the car, so no peeks until later, and to work on the mystery that I started last spring and had to stop working on when I broke my arm and another mystery that needs borders which already to go, I just need to attach them.
I will focus on the first three things to start and then see what gets done today, I am guessing it will be borders on the mystery and the baby quilt, as the other mystery still has a long way to go, and I am putting it at the bottom of the list. Today's goal is to make progress and get as much done as possible.
Hope you have a quilty day and accomplish a lot.
I am out of to sew.


  1. Wow are going to give Shirley a run for her money! LOL Hope your day was lots of fun and you got lots done!

  2. sounds like you had big plans of a lot to accomplish!! It is good to have options...hope you got a lot done and more important...that it was fun!!