Saturday, September 3, 2011

Follow up to Sewing the Day Away

I was a little over ambitious yesterday, but still accomplished a  lot. I now have two quilts waiting for me to do the hand stitching on the binding. I made and attached the binding to the front of my rainbow quilt and Bryce's guitar quilt. I also found the wall hanging that I need to finish the binding on, buried in my sewing machine carrier. I knew it was some where. I must have stuck it in there last spring, as I was working on it the weekend before I broke my arm.

I was able to cut the borders for both my purple quilt and the mystery, and pieced the borders for the mystery. I am thinking I may do a little more sewing this afternoon and see if I can get the borders attached to one or the other of these quilts. Both quilts have multiple borders, and I am debating if I want to add a checker board border to the mystery. I need to take a picture and post it to get input.

I have also decided that I want to make a quick run back to the quilt store to pick up some more fabric for my purple quilt so I can make pillow cases to match. If am lucky that they still have some of the one fabric and I have enough of the others to border the pillow cases. I want to make 4 pillow cases, and only have enough for two.

I did fussy cut the bunny fabric for the baby quilt and ended up buying a couple of fabrics to replace what I was originally going to use as they had pink and pale green fabric that was in the Christmas fabric section by the same company that matched the bunny fabric. Now I do not get how pink and pale green fit into Christmas, as they look like they belong in a nursery. They had pretty pink flowers on them and to me that is not Christmasy.

Although I did not get everything on my list completed, I made good progress and I feel like I accomplished a lot.

On a side note I took a break and went with a friend to visit a new long arm quilter. I liked her work that I saw, though she leaves more open space than I like, but I think I may give her a try on quilt or two.

I also found some gorgeous Christmas fabric that just had to come home with me. The dangers of spending the day at the quilt store.  I am off to the quilt stores to pick up pillow case fabric, and thread to quilt the baby quilt. Thinking a pale pink would would work well. (And yes, I do mean stores as one has the fabric and the other carries Aurifil thread.)


  1. Seems like you did indeed get a lot done on your sew day. Maybe you could pop by and help me. LOL
    I know you will be getting lots done now that your arm is healed and your trip is done.

  2. You've got got nearly 3 beautiful finishes, I'd say, very productive sew day.

  3. I have been working away at the binding on the king size rainbow quilt and hope to have it on my bed by the end of next week. Then on to the next binding.
    Beth I have more waiting in the wings, so don't hold your breath.
    Thank you 4dreamer.