Saturday, June 4, 2011

Restricted use of the Rotary Cutter

--> My quilting had been reduced lately, as I am not allowed to use a rotary cutter. April 27th I flew end over end over the handlebars of my dear hubby's bike while out on a short ride. The bike landed on top of me and I got the worse end of the deal. I cracked a bone in my right arm near the elbow. They do not cast you when you crack a bone near the elbow joint as it can cause your arm to become stiff and you can loose movement.  Needless to say it is painful and has limited by ability to do things, especially since it is my right arm. I am very lucky I did not break anything else.

Other than being told to rest my arm, ice it and take Tylenol, the only other advice I got was really more of a directive. I was told specifically to not use my rotary cutter. Now the first two weeks I was not using my arm to do much as it hurt to write and I could not turn it to even type, so I used the hunt and peck method. Now I can do more but if I over do my arm aches, a lot. I have sewn most of the fabric I had cut, and so am now restricted to hand work, which I do enjoy but doing it for too long makes my arm ache. Knitting is currently out of the question.

It is a good thing we are going on vacation and I will not have access to my rotary cutter and sewing machine otherwise this restriction would be very difficult to enforce on myself as it is getting very old. I want to sew, but since I am out of cut fabric I cannot. I just hope that all this is worth the wait and when we return I hope I can cut away so I can sew to my hearts content.

In the future I think I will stick to riding the tandem, no breaks and no steering, that way I can avoid sand and gravel and flipping over.

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