Friday, September 9, 2011

Quilting Friday

     I spent part of today sewing on a variety of projects.  I pieced borders for my purple quilt, and now they are ready to put on. I also started putting borders on my mystery from hell.  I mitered the corners, so guess that I will need to miter the corners on the next five borders also. Yes, it has six borders. This is the quilt that came out so tiny because of an error in the cutting directions. I had to make like 32 more blocks to make it a decent size and now am adding borders to enlarge it.  There are six colors in the quilt and therefore six borders.  I will post a picture soon.
     I also finished cutting out the baby quilt, including the inner borders and realized that I do not like one of the greens so am off to the quilt store this weekend to find a different green, and I know exactly which one I want.  I started putting the rows together since it is a simple pattern, except for where the green fabric goes.
     I also did a few stitches on the binding of my rainbow quilt. I have two sides done and two to go.  My goal is to finish the binding by the end of next week at the latest.  I am subbing 2.5 days next week so that will cut into my sewing time, though I can take my small hand work projects like applique to work on during lunch.
     It is 10:00 PM here and I am tired so am heading to bed. Hope you are getting lots of quilting done and taking time to enjoy the fall weather. We had a lovely day again today, though the rain returned this evening.

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  1. You really got a lot of sewing done!!! I look forward to seeing your quilts as you finish them up. Happy stitching.