Friday, June 7, 2013

UFQs Still Waiting in the Wings

I still have several UFQs waiting in the closet that I need to finish piecing. I need to pull them out, see what they are and take pictures to post.
I know one is my apple quilt and another is Pick-Up-Sticks, but there are others hiding in there as well.  As I pull them out I will share them.  I am hoping that I can have all made into tops by the end of this year, and many more quilted, and bound.

I think I finally finished posting all of my UFQs that I can find at the moment and can now safely say that I have shared all the ones I know about. I did not count how many there were in total, because I do not want to know. My plan is to keep plugging away until they are all done. I have a few new projects in the works, but they are gifts for specific people or will be donated for charity.

At the moment I am working on four quilts, a purse, new living room curtains, and my kitchen sink jacket.  I also have five quilts I need to do the hand stitching of the bindings and make labels for and two that recently returned from the quilter that need binding and labels.  Once I finish putting the tops of two of these together I will put out more UFQs and see what else is hiding and work on finishing the borders of those that I have previously posted, and in one case sew the rows together.

That said I need to also mention that being that it is summer we spent a lot of time riding our tandem bicycle and we are doing some work on the house, so I may not get much done in the next three months as my focus will be on other things, but I do plan to continue to work on my projects around other activities.

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