Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sew Every Day in July

Pat Sloan issued a challenge. She challenged us to sew everyday on her blog

I took her up on the challenge. Yesterday I worked on my Daisy Days hand applique. I am on the last block and have seven pedals and four centers to finish it.
 Please excuse the wrinkles as I am not pressing them, again, until all four blocks are finished.

I am also braiding the cording for the drawstring for the ruffle purse I am making as a gift.

I am planning to work on my Wind Blown Tulips hand applique project and hope to make a big dent in it over the next couple of weeks.
Please excuse the wrinkles. I started this years ago and could never find an arrangement of the tulips I liked until about a year ago and this it was put away as I was working on Daisy Days.

I have started a strip quilt using 4" strips and have drawn out the design for the applique I will be putting on it. I have the fabric ready, I just need to trace and cut out the applique, after I decide it I want to it by hand or machine. I am thinking machine but it will be bulky considering that the top will already be put together, but I think I can do it. I will try one on a scrap of fabric to see how it does with all the turning before starting on the quilt itself.

The fabric I am using is an ombre. It is one piece of fabric folded back to show the Variations in color.

I will probably also do some embroidery and other sewing as I have a few other UFQs I am working on that need some machine stitching to finish the tops, but these are the ones I am primarily focusing on this month.

I challenge you to take up Pat's challenge and sew everyday.  If you do not sew, pick a project to work on everyday until it is done.


  1. Replies
    1. It will take me a while to do all the hand stitching but I will get them done, eventually.

  2. Your daisies are so pretty. As are the tulips. That purple fabric is so cool. I love those ombres. The bag is too cute. The ruffles still look difficult to me.
    I am going to take up the challenge too.

    1. Beth the ruffles really are easy. I am working on blog post about the purse so you will be able to see how easy they are to make. I have the centers left to sew on the Daisy Days block and then need to find where I put the rest of the blocks and fabric so I can get the top put together. I think there may be more applique work for the border, but need to find the pattern to be sure.