Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Ruffled Purse is Done

I finished my ruffles purse in class today. It came put very nice, though sewing around the wooden handles is not fun.

I really like how my pursed turned out and am very happy with it.  Next I plan to spray it with Scotch Guard to protect it, before using it.  I think it will be great fun to carry on trips and to use in the summer.

Here is a picture of all the purses which had at least the out side of the bags done.  Two of us totally completed our bags in class, everyone else was very close to finishing.

 The two bags on the far right are ones the instructor made.  I love the black and white with line green one.

I am making a second bag with a drawstring closure like the black, white, and lime green one as a gift.  I might make a third one and use these colors as the bags are not that hard to do.  

The worse part is the wooden handles as they get in the way when you are sewing the inside and outside of the purse together as you have to put them on first.  Though the bag is not a fast finish, it is not difficult to make.


  1. Your bag looks awesome. So fun! They all look good. It will be a great summer bag. Really good idea to scotchguard it. I will remember that when I make a new bag.

  2. Beautiful bags - anyone who can make bags has my respect. Thanks for entering my giveaway.