Saturday, March 23, 2013

Roll On

I made this quilt called Roll On, a Debbie Caffery mystery, twelve years ago and gave it to my youngest son for his twelfth birthday.  I was over at his house today and pulled it off his bed to take a picture. He still loves and uses it, obviously.

I realized when I was over there today that I had never taken a picture of it, other than the one of him holding it up on his birthday, so decided I needed to document it better.

I did the quilting myself and mitered the corners, though the stripes do not exactly line up.
The lighting at his house is not the best because he likes it dark.  :)
I still have some of the scraps from this quilt in my scrap draw.


  1. What a great quilt - and seeing that he still uses it and loves it means he will cherish it forever!

  2. I like that quilt. The pattern is so different, love the design elements. Yourm fabric choices make it really fun too.