Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wonderful DIscoveries

I found some wonderful things while going through magazines.  I discovered quilts by Pat Sloan, in several magazines that I did not realize I had. They date back a while, and I am keeping them as some are ones I am thinking I need to make. I also found several other patterns in magazines that I would love to make and am keeping them as well.
I also found some fabric that I forgot all about. It is beautiful and new patterns and ideas are flooding my mind as I type this.
Backings were discovered as well. I have several fabrics that I seem to have bought 6 yards or more of, and that makes them perfect as backings for quilts.  I love it.  I just need to piece them to make them wide enough and I can back a few more of my flimsies (quilt tops) and either quilt them myself or send them off to be quilted.
I am still working on the sewing and am sure there are more treasures to be found as well as tons of things to send out the door as I continue to work on cleaning out and organizing my sewing room.
Keep your eyes posted as you never know what I may discover hidden in the depths of the closet which is next on my list of places to dig into.
When the room is all together I will post pictures for all to see, until them I am keeping the room under wraps.

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  1. I love when I find things I forgot about and I still like them.
    Clean on.