Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mallory's Quilt

Simply Scrappy Sensational, a Debbie Caffrey Mystery
I finished the quilt for my cousin Janie's daughter, Mallory, and had it quilted in January so I could deliver it on my trip to Missouri this month.

Quite awhile back I asked Janie for colors for each of her girls and she told me Mallory likes blue and purple, so off to work my brain went with ideas for a blue and purple quilt. I actually designed a different one using an app I have on my phone, but then discovered this one started in my stash and I knew that this one was perfect.  I finished it up and sent it off to be quilted last month.  My request was to have it done by the first Friday in February, so I could get the binding done and deliver on my trip to Missouri this last week.
The quilter, Linda, delivered as requested and she did a beautiful job on the quilting.
I love the hearts and swirls.
I quickly pieced and attached the binding to the front and started in with the hand sewing to finish the binding. I worked on the binding on the plane and once I arrived at Janie's. Mallory attends a nearby college, so was not at home.  I finished the binding and the next day we delivered the quilt when we stopped by the college so I could see Mallory and her sister Lindsey.
 You will notice I signed the quilt "Aunt" Wanda.  Janie told her girls to call me that, and I also learned that in El Salvador that is what nieces and nephews call their aunts.  So, I am "Aunt" Wanda. I am also rather short next to all three of Janie's girls.

Mallory liked her quilt, see her beautiful smile.
Mallory and I with her quilt.
She had no idea she was getting it until we arrived at her work site on campus. Janie called her and told her to come outside to get her quilt, so it was a nice surprise for her.

I love giving a gift to someone who appreciates it.  Mallory sews and is minoring in textiles or something along those lines. She is also a wonderful artist. I saw some of her work at Janie's house.  Someday we may be sewing with fabrics she has designed.


  1. That quilt is so pretty. I love the colors. The quilting is great too! Lucky Mallory. You both look happy.:)

  2. Great job on the quilt! It's wonderful when loved ones enjoy the gifts we make for them!