Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Selling My Creations

Several people have commented on my quilted creations over the last few months. Included in their comments was the question, "How much do you charge for your bags?" or "Do you sell your quilts?" and others along the same line. It got me to thinking about a second career, since I am retiring at the end of the school year. I have been contemplating getting a long-arm and doing quilting, but now I am considering selling things on consignment, or making things to sell at craft fairs, and the Saturday Market, our weekend summer market.

I am now checking out prices on line, and in stores here in Anchorage, to see what things similar to what I make are going for. I am thinking this might be worth giving a try. I can always give things as gifts if they do not sell. I may find that I actually make some money, and that it is a wise investment. I will never know it I do not put myself out there and try.

I am thinking that place mats, baby blankets, purses, and table runners might be the place to start. I could also make aprons and bibs. I am contemplating this idea as I look at the different fabrics I have in my stash, and what they would make up into.

I can see spending time sewing up things that might bring joy to someone else, and bring a smile to my pocketbook. Though I am not a moneygrubber, it is a way to supplement my retirement and allow me to rotate out fabrics and bring in new ones with the money I could earn.

Contemplating this idea and working out details to see if it is feasible.......I have 6 months to work out the details prior to my retirement.


  1. Wanda sounds like a great idea. You should also look at Etsy shops. A lot of people sell a variety of hand made things there. I have a friend who sells just aprons and scarves.

  2. I have heard of Etsy and have it on my list of things to check out, after New Years, since I will be out quilting tonight.