Friday, December 31, 2010


This last year was a tough one for me personally, but I did accomplish some of my quilting goals. I finished several tops and succeeded in getting several quilts quilted, either by a long-arm quilter or doing them myself. I have several that I need to finish the binding on, but they are quilted and out of topville which is a step in the right direction.
My rainbow quilt is ready for binding, though I had to go and re-buy the fabric to bind it, as I cannot find the piece I had saved from the inner border anywhere. I know it will turn up and since I love purple, it will get used in another quilt.

I finished and sent on its way the quilt for my son that I started about 20 years ago. My other son's guitar quilt is at the quilters waiting to be quilted. She even found a guitar motif to quilt it with. I am anxious to see it. I still have some embellishments to finish when I get it back.
I finished my Christmas place mats and a matching wall hanging and quilted a second Christmas wall hanging as a gift. I finished a few small wall hangings and got others ready to quilt. I know there are a few other projects in there that I finished this year as well.
I have several wall hangings sandwiched and ready to quilt in 2011, and am still working on finishing up other UFQs (Unfinished quilts), and have a few gifts started to finish up early in 2011, but over all even with my health issues I feel that 2010 was a productive quilting year for me. I can look back on it and say that I accomplished things with pride.

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  1. You sure did do a lot in a year where you had lots of health problems. May 2011 bring you lots of good health. And good sew days.