Saturday, December 25, 2010

The 18 year UFQ

I started a quilt back in 1992 that I never finished until this last Thursday. It was for my oldest and by the time it was done I hated it. It was made of cotton and cotton blend fabrics, and was pieced willy nilly.
For some reason I chose to zigzag every seam on the top. It did not look decorative, and I have no idea why I did it. I also chose to use thick polyester batting, what a pain to quilt. It was one of the first actual quilted quilts for a bed that I had every made. I always tied large quilts at that time. Most of the quilts I made at that time were baby quilts. I did an awful job of machine quilting it, and am embarrassed to even claim it today. I used double fold bias tape for the binding and only sewed one edge to the quilt. In fact I actually serged the edge. I had to fold over the bias tape three times to bind the quilt. The corners were very thick due to the serged edges. It was a pain to bind.
Over the years there were several times I thought about throwing the whole thing out, but for some reason I never did. Several months ago my oldest asked about the quilt and if I was ever going to finish it. I avoided it for the last few months, but decided that if he wanted it I would finish it for him for Christmas and so I finished it.
He was very excited to get the quilt yesterday when we met for lunch. He said he slept with it last night. He also said he planned to put it on the back of his couch. Now that I do not want to see.
He has a quilt that is much more well made that he received for his 16th birthday that I would much rather he place on the back of his couch.
But at least I can say that it is done, even if it took me over 18 years to finish it.


  1. Wanda,I think we are much more critical of our own work. There is something about that quilt that your son likes so now he can enjoy it.
    And you got it done!!

  2. I am very happy that he is enjoying it, and you are right we are often more critical of ourselves.