Monday, December 9, 2013

UFO Progress in November and into the start of December

Lightening Quick
Well in October a friend issued a challenge to get things done. Finish up those UFOs and I took her challenge to heart as you can see in my previous posts.
 The first two quilts were ones that I had quilted a while ago that were waiting on me to make the binding, or as is the case with the second one, figure out what I wanted to bind it with.

Flip Flops of Summer, which also has some embellishing to be done before it is done.
November was a very busy month. I am doing a long term sub job and have not had much time to sew, though I did put what time I had to good use.
Rainbow Stars
Q is for Quilter
 I have finished a ton of pillow cases, and there is another story for a different post about pillow cases.

I also sent five quilts off to the quilter and had them return.  Last weekend I machine stitched the binding to the top of those five and two others so thy are all ready for me to hand stitch down.

Snowman Quilt
I also finished piecing all my Eat Your Fruits and Veggies charm squares and cut them into HSTs (half square triangles) so they are ready to be made into pinwheels.

Here it is December and I am trying to at least finish the binding on a couple of the quilts.  I also need to quilt a couple of baby quilts and get them ready as one baby is due in January, shortly after Christmas Break. And yes I know that the politically correct people refer to it as winter break, but I am old school and it is Christmas Break.

Day Dreamer
I am including pictures of all seven quilts that I have the binding attached to the front and a few of the HST I made.
These are the half square triangles waiting to be made into pinwheels.

I also made this cute little case for my new iPhone to protect it from the cold and scratches when it is in my purse.

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