Friday, May 18, 2012

Update on Quilting Projects

I have been remiss in posting due to life getting in the way. I was subbing a lot the last few weeks and posting on here fell by the way side.
I have actually gotten a lot done in the last two months, though not as much as I really would have liked to have gotten done.
I finished a couple of flimsies, or quilt tops.  One is ready to send off to the quilter

 and the other will follow soon after as I am deciding if I want to applique some flowers on it before sending it off to be quilted.
For some reason the picture flipped when I as posting it, but it works.
I am trying a new quilter in Kentucky and will post her link later as she and I have a secret project we are working on and I do not want to reveal the surprise to the special recipient just yet.
I also started a mystery quilt and at the moment I am deciding whether to do the whole quilt or to do just some sections of it and make them into wall hangings. This is the first section and I really like it as a wall hanging and may just finish it that way and do other sections of the quilt that way also.
 I have also been working on a quilt called Pick Up Sticks. Here is a picture of my progress so far.
 I have many more black and white strips to sew together and cut apart to add the little pops of color and then once those are sewn together I need to cut them into 5.5" squares and arrange them into rows. The quilt is one that caught my eye at the quilt store.
As you can see I have been busy along with all my subbing. Later today I will post an update on my other projects that are in the works.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. You have accomplished a lot!
    I love that basket with the stars... looks like flowers! and I loo forward to seeing the progress on the black/white and color strips quilt.


    1. Thank you HM. I worked on the garter for a friend's daughter today, but hope to work on my quilts tomorrow. Then I will be limited to handwork for two weeks.

  2. Wanda, they both look great, Love all the bright colors in the first one.
    The black and white with pops of color is so col. I really would love to see it in progress as it looks so interesting. Love the effect.

    1. I am hoping to spend time tomorrow working on the black and white with pops of color, though I doubt I will finish it this weekend, maybe next weekend as my quilting buddies and are going to Quilting on the Kenai and planning to spend the time quilting after we do the rounds of the shops and see the quilt show.