Wednesday, November 3, 2010

UFQ Update

I have to say I have been busy this week. I finished my Christmas place mats, the binding on my Angels Stack 'N' Whack lap quilt, my moose wall hanging, and completed piecing the front of my Kitchen Sink jacket. I feel that I have accomplished a lot in a few days. There are still many more items in my pile of UFQs that are calling to me to be completed. I did sandqih a wall hanging and a baby quilt so they are ready to quilt and I pieced a quilt back today, so I am getting somethings done, but will I ever get to the bottom of the pile?

I am busy working on cleaning up the family room and getting my scrap booking things in order also. Yes I have two expensive habits. But for now I am focusing on quilting.

I have tried to follow Pat's 12 steps each day that a new one is given. Now I am not perfect but some are hard. Clean up my sewing room.....are you kidding that is a month long job at least. I am afraid to open the closet for fear of what might jump out at me. I am not even sure what is hiding in there. Shh....don't tell my husband that. I really do want to redo the closet and set it up like some I have seen on TV with a nice shelving system and such, but money is not something I have to throw around at the moment. I am hoping to purchase a quilting machine, though the closet should be cleaned out first. I think I will put that on the list of things to do when I retire.

I see I have digressed, what was I talking about, oh right UFQs. I a backing and top to quilt so I can turn them in to the quilter. I want to get those things done before Friday night. What? Tomorrow is Friday. I better get my act together and get some work done or I will have to wait another week to get them to the quilter. Time has flown by today.

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  1. I am kind of afraid to open my closet too. I now have two closets packed with quilting and crafting supplies(and UFOs). Right now I have stuff that doesn't fit into either closet.
    You are really getting a lot done. Keep going!