Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quilting Roots

Quilting is in my roots. I know it goes back to my great-grandmother's on both sides of my family and even further. Quilting can be tracked back to the 1800's on at least one side of my family.

I have a quilt made by my father's mother and his grandmother, my great-grandmother from when I was a baby. Maybe I should say I have the remains of a quilt that was well loved. I loved it so well it was in shreds and I have a small piece left. It brought me comfort for many years both as a child and as an adult. It was hand stitched and hand quilted by them for me and I am thinking I may take what remains and make it into a teddy bear that I could pass on to my first grandchild someday. A treasure made by three generations of grandmothers.

I have two other quilts made by my father's mother. One she made for my parents and one she made for me. Both are well loved and in need of some minor repairs. Both are kept put away for safekeeping and aired out every summer. When my youngest son was small he loved to climb on them when they were on the bed and tell me where I needed to fix them. He also liked to ask questions about the fabric as mine was made of scraps of clothing my mother had made for me when I was small.

From my mother's side of the family I have a quilt from the 1800's that has sheep sheering in it rather than batting. It is made of indigo dyed fabrics and muslins. It is in need of some repair, but first I need to find indigo dyed fabrics that are reproductions that match closely. I also have a quilt from the 1930s that is made from feed sacks. Feed sacks were used for many things on the farm including the making of dresses that my mother wore. Both quilts are from our family farm. The farm has been in our family over 150 years. When the last of my great aunts who lived there passed they had to clear out the house and sell many things. My mother got me both quilts in the auction. She also got me a hair thing that was worn by one of my great, great aunts. It is not a hat, but goes over the head and ties under the chin. My mother had her picture taken in it while holding a picture of the great, great aunt wearing it.

There were many things in that old farmhouse that I would love to have gotten to keep, but the quilts are a treasure and a tie to my roots, one that I hope to pass on to my own grandchildren someday.


  1. Wanda, how wonderful to have that quilting history! Must be wonderful to have the family quilts.

  2. Beth I treasure the quilts I have from my family and hope that my descendents do as well. They are part of our history.