Friday, February 10, 2017


January 27, 2017

I have this weekend my Pick a UFO and get to WORK Weekend.  I have a pile of UFOs and yes, I mean a pile of them.  Some are WIPs others are PIGs, and still others are What was I Thinking?

I have listed my UFOs in the past on this blog and I am going to pick ten that I plan to move forward this year.  I am not going to include those that I simply need to hand stitch the binding down on, that would be cheating in my book as they do not require a lot of work.  I am talking quilts that are not yet tops, or are in need of borders.  I need to at least get them to Topsville, before the end of the year. Others need to be quilted either by myself or a longarmer.  I think I will only count those I plan to quilt myself.

I picked my BOM Fancy Forest which I am three months behind on and focused on finishing the bunnies from November.  I did not quite finish them that weekend, but I did finish them last weekend.
I cut out the owls which are the next block in the series last week, and have the hedgehogs and fireflies waiting in line to be cut.

I spent time cutting out and piecing binding for a few other quilts and worked in piecing my ugly fabric challenge that I cannot reveal until the end of March. I have it almost finished, and am excited to share it once we have our reveal.

I also took time to work on finishing cutting out another quilt that is a gift, so I can start piecing it.

This last weekend I did more cutting and piecing and am trying to spend 20 minutes every evening sewing, with a goal of finishing my UFOs.

I may post a list of my top ten in my next post.

This week I finished four pillow cases that are part of a gift, now I just need t get motivated to start on binding that quilt.

10 February 2017

This weekend I my goal is to bind a quilt, cut out the hedgehogs, and start sewing the owls and the other quilt that is a gift. I am working on binding tonight.

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