Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Alaska State Fair Quilts

We went to the state fair and I really enjoyed the quilts that were on display and had to take pictures and share them here on my blog. It was hard to choose just a few, so I hope that you enjoy the ones I have included.

                                                                   This one is very Alaskan.

I have included pictures of the quilts that caught my eye because of the colors, the pattern, the quilting, or a combination of the a fore mentioned items.
I have never had the "guts," so to speak, to enter a quilt in the state fair, but I love going to look at those that are entered.

I love the floating pinwheels in this quilt

This quilt makes me think of chocolate covered cherries.

I really like this quilt and want to find the pattern and do one one for me.
love the colors in this quilt.
I really like this Celtic Knot.
Love the colors in this quilt.
I took this mystery and did the  basket of flowers in the upper right hand corner of this quilt. I am planning to make mine into a small wall hanging.  I may do other parts and make them into wall hangings also.
I love all these stars.
The fish on this one caught my eye.
These painted daisies were so colorful. They just seem to dance around.

I may do a second post with more of the quilts I liked.


  1. Thanks for this post! Of course, I always love seeing quilts, but I also miss the Alaska state fair. Did you take pictures of the giant cabbages? Did it rain? Do you go to the lumberjack show? Did you eat a Denali creampuff? Was the Tundra comic strip guy there? (You weren't there the day the guy shot himself getting into his car, were you?) I hope you had a wonderful time and thanks for the memories.

    1. JoAnne - I did not get pictures of the giant cabbages, but I think I can post a picture for you that I stole from a friend. The day we went it was beautiful out, which was really nice. All I wore was a fleece vest with my skort and short sleeved top. Had a sweat shirt but did not need it until the end of the day as we were getting ready to leave when the wind picked up. I did see part of the lumberjack show. We did not have cream puffs, but did have some Friar Tuck corn, a veggie pastie, and ice cream on a stick as well as some kettle corn. I believe I did see the Tundra comic strip guy's booth. I was not there the day the guy shot himself getting into his car, though they did put out on the news that you could not carry at the fair. Had to tell my son to leave his gun at home and I left mine as well. We did have a great time walking around and enjoying all the people watching as well as seeing what all was there. I bought some spices, and found a couple of gift ideas for Christmas. Next I am looking forward to the fall bazaars here in Anchorage.

  2. thanks for sharing! can't wait for the answers to JoAnne's questions. where can I find the pattern for the basket of flowers?

    1. Hope you enjoyed the answers to JoAnne's questions.

      The basket of flowers pattern is part of a quilt pattern, that was designed by Diana Bradley, the owner of Quilt Zone. 510 W. Tudor Road, Suite 2 Anchorage, AK 99503 (907) 561-2020. The pattern was originally a mystery, but she now sell the pattern in her shop. They will mail it out if you call and order it. They do not have an on-line ordering option. That particular block uses the Lil' Twister ruler, designed to be used with 5" squares. I really like that block and may make a few more in seasonal colors, or as gifts.

      Here is the link to the article about the guy who shot himself, if you are interested.

    2. thank you for the pattern info! Enjoyed reading your reply of fair visit. Wish I could have been there too.

  3. Wanda, the quilts are beautiful. I really love that first one, mostly because I imagined that it was 'Alaska". I entered in a county fair some years back. It was really fun to see my stuff with ribbons on it. :)

    1. Beth one of these days I will enter, just have to have the right quilt that says I am the one.