Sunday, May 25, 2014

Strip Club Quilt

I attended the first strip club at a LQS and came home and thought I have all these strips I have been sorting out by size I should see what I have and I had more than enough that went together to make a throw size of the quilt. I spent one night cutting them all to size and then started piecing away.  The quilt pattern is called         by Cozy Quilts and is really a very simple one to sew.  I did have a couple of false starts because I forgot to measure my strips and picked up the wrong ones to start sewing 2.5" squares to the end so had to a little frogging, but over all the quilt top went together easily.

I picked the two print fabrics because the colors were similar and then dug through the scraps to find strips that went with them.   I dug through my light scraps to pick the background strips and made it scrappy. All the 1.5" strips are left from a previous quilt that I cut way more than I needed as it was scrappy.  I did pull out the accent fabric from my stash and cut the squares for it, but everything else came from the scrap pile, except the border.  My husband picked the accent fabric from an assortment I gave him to choose from because he liked that it had colors in it that went with the colors I had picked for the strips.

I know some people will not call this a scrap quilt because it is not scrappy enough, but I consider it a scrap quilt because all the pieces came from my scraps. The borders and accent fabric are left overs from backing another quilt so they were in my scrap bag to be cut down to usable pieces.

I've had fun looking at the quilt and remembering other quilts and bags I have made using the same fabrics.

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