Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finishing Class October 2013 and more...

This weekend was a finishing class.  I was busy on Friday night at my Snowman quilt class, where I worked on the trees.  I had the three snowmen and fourteen stars done already.

On Saturday morning I finished the five sections of the Snowman quilt, as my goal was to finish that quilt that day.  I was able to accomplish my goal at the finishing class Saturday afternoon, and I also finished the backing, which was a fabric I found in my stash with snowmen and snowflakes on it.  It is already to send off to the quilter.
two panels put together, three more to go.   
The top and bottom halves of the snowman quilt with borders.

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On Sunday, the second day of the finishing class, I finished borders on my Day Dreamer mystery, and cut the borders and attached two to the Flip Flops of Summer quilt.  I also made backings for Q is for Quilter, Flip Flops of Summer, the Day Dreamer mystery, Simply An Illusion mystery, and the Rainbow Stars with piano keys border.

Q is for Quilter Mystery before borders
After adding borders
Flip Flops of Summer.  Once it is quilted I will add the ribbons back on and permanently attach them.

Borders Added!

Day Dreamer Mystery before adding last two borders.
Day Dreamer Mystery after adding the final two borders. The borders are purple not blue.
Six backs pieced, pressed, and ready to go
The two tops that were done that I also made backs for are Simply An Illusion and Bright Stars with Piano Key border.

It was a very productive weekend.  All are ready to mail off to the quilter so I can move them to the next phase.

Next up is cutting and sewing the bindings so they are ready when the quilts return home from the quilter.

I also finished the bindings on these three quilts in the last few weeks.

Finished binding this one in September. One More Time Mystery 

Finished Binding this one this month. I thought I was done and realized and I had skipped a section because I started binding twice in two different places and missed the in between section. 2010 New Year's Mystery.
I finished binding this one today.  2011 New Year's Mystery.
I have one more quilts with the binding ready for hand stitching and at least four more waiting for me to make the bindings, plus at least one table runner that needs binding, and probably more.

Now I have to go figure out which of the one on the list of UFOs I need to get to work on next....There are at least 15 of those, and that does not include the ones in need of borders or my applique projects. Yikes!  I need more UFOber!


  1. They all beautiful Wanda! Your work is fabulous, thank you for sharing :D

  2. May I just say...holy crap girl!!! How on earthdid you do all that so fast? And rigvht after being soooo sick??? You are amazing! The snowman so cute!!!! The bright it! The flip flops ...oh yeah. I made a flip flop quilt for my sister now I think I might have to make one for myself. Maybe just a wall hanging. My apttern was a bit different, I like yours with the ribbons.

    1. Beth realize that all the quilt tops were done, except the snowman one, some just needed borders. I started the snowman quilt while sick sewing a few minutes each day as I had already cut most of it out prior to getting sick. The rest were backings and they are easy, just bulky. The bindings I was working on while resting when I was sick, a little at a time. I set a goal for each day last weekend and put my mind to it. I paid for it by sleeping a lot on Monday.

  3. They are all lovely. I really enjoyed looking at the backings and knowing almost instantly which were for which quilt! You have been busy, busy. You are going to make your quilter very happy!

  4. Excellent Wanda. Beautiful quilts

  5. Thank you. I am hoping to get a couple of them in the mail Friday. I can't send to many at once as my pocket book can't handle it all at once. :)