Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Done Stripping

When I texted this to a friend of mine I thought how funny it sounded. Done Stripping, man can that give the imagination a run for the money.  For a quilter the meaning is very different than what a man thinks it means.

I sewed 88 strips in the last three days, as well as subbing all three days.  I am making a Chevron Christmas Tree skirt, well actually the pattern makes two because of the fact that cutting with a 9" wedge ruler requires you to flip the ruler for every cut and this gives you two different Chevron designs.  One going up and one going down.

I started with these fabrics: 
Then cut them into strips ranging from 1 3/8" to 4 1/2".
 I sewed them into sections either left or right, which are each made of eleven strips.

The strips are then pressed and cut into wedges:

Then the wedges are sewn together.

I have sewn together a few sets of two, as I am currently pressing the rest of the sewn strips so I can begin cutting them into wedges.

Hopefully I will get them all cut and sewn before class on Sunday, or at least enough to have one skirt sewn.  Then I need to buy either flannel or batting and figure out my backing. My goal is to have one done before Thanksgiving, or at least by the time we put up the tree.

I think I figured out the binding and I need to cut the square so I can make bias binding at class on Sunday.  It is a new fabric, not in the skirt.  I will keep you posted on my progress, and post the finished tree skirt, and if I am really good both finished tree skirts.


  1. looks good so far...and will make beautiful tree skirts!!

  2. Looks beautiful, Wanda!! What pattern are you using? As it is a tree skirt I think I would consider using a nice fleece on the back. Quilts up wonderful too! ;-)

  3. Dahhhh read right over what pattern you are using....sheesh!!

  4. Looking good! Can't wait to see your finish!

  5. I have the skirt tops done and hope to get them sandwiched today. If I can stay on line I will update today.